Multinationals and Globalization #12

The Power of Corporations


Multinationals are considered the leading players of the contemporary economy at the global level. They are considered as the key actors in many scenarios and their influence upon societies, governments and markets is often considered as a divisive issue. The power of multinational corporations is studied in this issue: Chris Griswold explains how Big Tech corporations can be ruled by the Government in the United States; Francesco Saraceno studies how large firms deal with fiscal issues at the global level; Massimo Amato studies the key dynamics of global financial markets, the main system of corporations operating nowadays; Jeremy Lent and Nick Srniceck give us a perspective on the social dynamics created and shaped by corporate capitalism

The real threat of Big Tech

In Washington, DC, the policy arguments about Big Tech are not nearly big enough. Politically electric issues like censorship and monopoly tend to dominate the policy conversation. But the Information Age has fundamentally altered how human beings relate, how children develop, how markets function, and how our shared social and political life unfolds. Like the […] Continue reading


Platforms and Pandemics

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a boon for the global tech giants. While millions of people have died, many more have lost their jobs, and innumerable others have struggled under the isolation of global lockdowns, the biggest Western platforms have seen their revenue soar. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are on their way to […] Continue reading