I wish I was killed in one of those explosions here

I wish i was killed in one of those explosions here. I think of the girls who were killed in the attack on Kabul University in the classroom above their books and pens and envy them.

They are resting in peace,they did not bury their dreams while alive, and did not mourn their wishes and hopes٫ they did not worry about their uncertain future, and were not waiting for others to determine their future.

They have not been forced into forced or early marriages due to deprivation of education, poverty and social pressures. They did not ask anyone for help to save their lives and their dreams. They have not heard the repeated reply “I’m sorry I can not do anything for you, please stay safe.” They have not seen the death of humanity with their own eyes. And they did not disappointed of the world and its people.

They only died once but we die again and again. Have you heard of gradual death? You suffer alone, you suffocate, no one sees or hears you, as if all their ears are closed so that the sound of your moans does not bother them. You get lost in the darkness. And no one shows you the way.

You die every day without anyone knowing. you mourn for yourself every day without anyone sympathizing with you.

And endure all these because you only want your basic human rights. And this is all the crime and sin that you committed. of course, along with the crime of being a woman. Have you ever had such an experience? Did you feel that way? If the only options you are given are one of these two (death of body and soul together for only once or death of soul without body and a thousand times a day).

Which one do you choose and prefer? I prefer the first one And this is something I wish every moment

Why should the women be a symbol of defining and expressing the size of men’s Muslimness? SinceAfghanistan is a traditional society and adhered to certain ethnic customs, less attention was paid to the role and position of women in political and social affairs. Therefore, women could not play any role in fate and social, cultural or political affairs. With the Taliban entering Kabul in 1996, the situation became the worst it could be. The city’s university was closed, girls and women were barred from entering the streets,education and employment were shut down, and cinemas and cultural centers were set on fire.

Even after the political upheavals of 2001 and the formation of Afghanistan’s new government, in which the issue of women and their participation changed dramatically over the past twenty years with the support of the government and the international community and the efforts of Afghan women, The fear and hatred of the Taliban regime has always been ingrained in the hearts of the women and girls of this land.Nevertheless They became doctors, nurses, engineers, journalists,pilots, athlete ,politicians, judges, teachers, artists, activists, actors and businesswomen.

But now all 20 years vanished in 20 days. Boys are back at their desks at school, while their sisters are still stuck at home looking at their brothers with regret.

Men whose duties do not conflict with Taliban ideology go to work, while their working wives are sitting in the corner of the house. There is no longer a ministry called the Women’s Affairs Ministry to take steps to empower and defend women’s rights, because in the first days of their rule, they dissolved this ministry and set up ministry of propagation of virtue and the prevention of vice instead.

They have been deprived of their inalienable right to demonstrate and sue for their rights, and their answer is given by whipping and beating. I am writing this while I have been hiding in a corner with my family for weeks due to anti-extremist activities and duty in foreign organizations who worked for women. After 17 years of study, I was about to finish university and get my degree in medicine, now I am seeing my white coat, which dust covers it, But I have made a commitment to myself which And as long as I can breathe, I will not stop trying to hear my voice, which is the voice of millions of Afghan girls.

In this way, I boldly say to the Taliban and their supporters that you are nothing more than a coward. You are afraid of women’s knowledge. Because if a woman learns and wakes up, a generation and a nation will wake up, and that the awakening of nations is definitely not in the interest of extremist and dark-minded groups like you.
Women can not be eliminatable, correct your thoughts.

The last efforts of an Afghan girl before she was silenced forever.