Gaza, a Plan Between Egypt and Israel to Deploy Abu Mazen

Israel and Egypt have agreed to switch guard in Gaza which could lead to the end of the Palestine President Abu Mazen’s power. The understanding, that involves also Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, on the story of rivals on rivals, Muhamend Dahlan, to resolve the crisis of the strip and propose an alternative to all the occupied territory. Dahlan was born near Gaza and up until 2012 has had leading roles in al Fatah, starting with Abu Mazen. But it was the same president to force him into exile in 2012 to Abu Dhabi and condemn him by default for corruption.

An ambitious project

At the start of June Dahlan met the leader of the Hamas of Gaza, Yahya Sinwar in Cairo. The two discussed the Israel-Egyptian plan in detail. The design expects Dahlan to take the government of the Strip and the control of the border posts, while Hamas maintains the control of the internal politics. In return Egypt will remove the block at the crossing of Rafah that would permit the recovery of the Strip’s economy, which is now at the end. But the project allows also for other initiatives, like building a new Egyptian funded power plant in Rafah from the United Arab Emirates, for the prize of 150 million dollars. Secondly, Arabic media and the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, would also be in the project, supported for years by the Israeli Minister of Transport Israel Katz, to build an airport island offshore Gaza, in a way of not jeopardising the safety of the Jewish state if the block is taken away.

But for electricity Dahlan has only just taken its first few steps. It is looking to be the mediator for the agreement with Egypt in order to look for a way to resolve the electrical crisis in Gaza. Triggered after Abu Mazen’s decision not to pay for any more electricity because of strong divergences with Hamas. Every inhabitant uses energy for around three hours per day, and in some zones the situation is even worse. Egypt is already investing in gas in Gaza for a market price to do its own part, but without the taxes of the Paletine Authorities. Therefore the President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi can exercise a great amount of pressure on the Isamic movement.

Dahlan, Egypt and Israel

For Egypt, making the plan happen is auspicious because it could put an end to the cooperation of Hamas with the terrorist groups of Sinai and could involve the opening of the market of Gaza to Egyptian goods. There are 1.9 million consumers in the Strip. For their part Israel would have a partner in Gaza which would support the reconciliation. Dahlan has always had good relations with the Jewish state, in particular with the Minister of Defense, Avigdor Liberman Abu Mazen, however, presented himself always as very rigid above all on the question of Jerusalem. As far as the interests of Egypt are concerned and those of the United Arab Emirates, the agreement would distance Hamas from Qatar and would win them their assets.