Sirte, the frontline of the final battle

The final offensive to free the two neighborhoods still in the hands of
the Caliph’s followers began yesterday morning. From Anaga
residential area opposite district 3, where the last jihadist militia have
barricaded themselves all hell breaks loose. The Misurata katibe (units)
under the control of the new government in Tripoli are advancing from
the southern front to close them in. From the building we’re in every
room becomes a fighting post. Weapons shoot from the few centimeters
available under the lowered blinds or the windows covered with
blankets or curtains so as not to be hit by snipers. The machine guns
crackle incessantly as explosives detonate. During the final battle the
black flags launch 13 car bombs driven by suicide bombers 5 of which
are hit by American forces from the sky.

Report by Fausto Biloslavo