International Success for Mwavita

Since the reportage ‘Mwavita, born in time of war’ by Daniele Bellocchio and Marco Gualazzini Mwavita that covered the rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo was realized back in February, the short documentary film has won five prestigious national and international awards.

These include getting to the final of the fourteenth Marco Luchetta International Press Award, which recognises journalism and reportage that deals with violence inflicted specifically on children. Mwavita was also chosen as a finalist in the ‘Social Realism Short Film’ category of the eleventh edition of the L’Anello Debole Award, which is part of the Capodarco L’Altro Festival in the province of Fermo, in Italy.

After just three months, Mwavita then stuck gold in International Film festivals abroad, winning the Hollywood International Independent Documentary awards as best foreign documentary in the shorts category.

The International recognition for Mwavita did not stop there however, as Mwavita went on to get an Award of Merit for Best Short at the Accolade Global Film Competition and the Best Shorts Competition both in California.

The success of Mwavita comes from the will to expose such stories of horror and reality that is so often held back for too long. The plague of rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo, that affects women and children with around 15,000 rapes happening every year, cannot go unnoticed. It cannot and should not be forgotten.