Figures And Fate Of Foreign Fighters In Syria

Shocking numbers have been revealed regarding the overall total bulk of foreign terrorists and radical fighters who have entered Syria trying to topple the government over the past eight and a half years of conflict. The staggering toll of foreign belligerents explains the complexities of the Syrian war and why it has gone for so long, as well as the exceptionally high human, economic and territorial cost it has inflicted upon the country.

Frightening Figures of Terror Mongers

Figures of Jihadis and other militants who flooded into Syria through Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon but mainly over the 900 km border shared with Turkey have varied throughout the years of the conflict, ranging between 200,000 and 300,000 militants coming from over 80 countries spanning all the way from China, through Asia, Africa, Europe to the United States. Those estimates and origins of terrorists killed or captured by the Syrian army and its allies reveal a horrifying story and a conspiracy that amounts to a mini world war against Syria. The numbers do not include the uninvited formal foreign forces and soldiers – mainly Turkish and American – who operate and control vast sways of Syrian land.

A document adopted by the United Nations sets the total number of terrorists who have infiltrated into Syria at a massive 171,400. 51,910 of whom were killed at the hands of the Syrian army, and 33,847 went missing, were arrested or escaped the war as government forces regained most of the cities, towns, villages and areas that had been under rebel control for years.

At the worst stage in the conflict, some 70% of Syrian territories were completely or partially out of government control, including whole cities and large towns in the southern parts of the country. This included strategically located suburbs of the capital Damascus, all the way up north and northwest covering hundreds of miles as well as the majority of Syria’s oil and natural gas fields and installations, along with the country’s two strategic and largest dams of Al Tabqa and Tishreen on the Euphrates river.

Numbers, Nationalities and Fate

The UN-adopted document states that among the largest contributors to the anti-government armed campaign in Syria was Saudi Arabia with 24500 Jihadi men and women; 5990 of whom were killed in the fighting, including 19 women while another 2700 have gone missing. The rest are still actively involved in running and funding terror groups, such as al Nusra’s supreme leader and mentor Abdullah al Muheisni. Al Nusra changed its name into HTS (Hay’at Tahrir Al Sham) after it was officially classified as a terrorist organization, and is the Syria version of al Qaeda international terror base.

Unsurprisingly, Turkey tops the list with a staggering figure of 25800 terrorists; 5760 were killed by the Syrian army while 380 others are reported missing.  Chechnya came close with 21000 fanatic Jihadis; 5230 of whom were killed in the war, including 16 women. Chechen fighters are considered among the most veteran and tough terrorist operating in Syria, especially in forest and rugged mountainous areas along the coastal city of Latakia’s borders with Turkey. Those indoctrinated Jihadis have formed their own battalions and led some of the fiercest battles and attacks against both army and civilian targets.

Messengers of Pan-Arab Death

As aforementioned, the Saudis were prime contributors to the terror-mongering effort in Syria, but even war-torn and troubled Arab nations such as Libya, Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and even Lebanon have sent an average of 10000 terrorists each, almost one third of whom were killed in action and thousands went missing over the past 8 years of Syrian conflict. Libyan fighters, like their Tunisian comrades-in-terror, have been extremely brutal in atrocities they have perpetrated against Syrian soldiers and civilians alike.

One stark example was that of the 14000 Palestinian terrorists, mainly from the Islamic Hamas Movement, once stationed and led from Damascus before it switched ranks and moved to Qatar. They appear to have completely ignored or forgotten about their national cause of an independent Palestinian State, and instead headed for Syria killing their fellow Arab kens and historical supporters. 4920 Palestinian fanatics were killed in confrontations with the Syrian army. A similar story applies to other Arab fundamentalist who left their national cause and headed for the Syrian killing spree, in the name of the false democracy they know nothing about.

No Short Supply of Non-Arab Hire Guns

Turkmen terrorists totaled 8600; 3050 were killed in action, including 11 women, and 900 went missing. Turkmen militants brought their families along, settled and opened schools of their own mainly in Hama, Idlib and Latakia countryside.

An average 4000 figure was given to terrorists and fatality rate regarding those who came from countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan among other Asian nations.

The UN-adopted document states that a massive chunk of 30000 terrorists joined the Jihad in Syria came from western Europe, Scandinavia and other western nations. The nationalities included the US, France, Britain, Belgium, Russia, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

Islamic fanatic Jihadis who had managed to hide in the west or flee from the Syrian conflict have committed a series of heinous terror attacks in a number of European and western nations, including some of their own national countries, mainly France, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Reciprocal terror attacks against Muslims ensued in countries as far as in the US and New Zealand.

Terror is a cosmopolitan cancer that has to be obliterated; it has no religion, nationality nor boundaries. Syria has been at the forefront fighting terrorism on behalf of the whole world. It is high time all civilized nations and major world powers join in efforts to put an end to this vicious circle of violence and blood-shed that threatens the future of humanity at large.