Yemen War

The war in Yemen began in March 2015, when Saudi Arabia took to the field against the Iranian and Shia aligned Houthi, alongside the Hadi government. Hadi is the successor to Saleh, the former president who was deposed in 2012 following the degeneration of the events related to the Arab Spring. Starting in 2014, the Mouti militia advanced to the north of the country and conquered Sana’a.
Since then, the Saudis have been pressing for a restoration of the previous situation, thus arriving at the decision to start a war in Yemen. Today the situation has stalled: the Houthis control Sana’a, while Hadi temporarily governs from the south of the country. The confusion, the Saudi naval blockade and raids by the Saudi led coalition, made up also by the Emirates, has generated one of the most serious humanitarian crises of recent years.