North Korean Missile Program

North Korea has developed an external program beginning the 90s on the enrichment of uranium in order to be used for the arming of weapons of mass destruction. Withdrawing from the treaty of nonproliferation in 2003, Pyongyang has been directed a atomic arming programing, calling it a “life-insurance policy” for the communist regime of the Kim’s. Having tested these weapons for the first time in 2006, North Korea was thrusted into the international spotlight and was hit with tough international sanctions and incur further global isolation. After the ascension of Kim Jong-un to power, North Korea has further accelerated its development program, with nuclear weapon testing and a missile carrier capable of carrying them. Between 2016 and 2017 Kim challenged the US and its neighbour China with a series of missile test and with a new atomic explosion, using them to make clear to the world that Pyongyang possess a hydrogen bomb.