England is very often at the center of media attention. The country is part of the United Kingdom and has been subject to events which has put London and its surrounding at the center of the world. Brexit, starting as a grassroots movement in the heart of the country, marked the beginning one of the greatest changes in the recent history of Europe. In 2014, when Nigel Farage’s UKIP party heated up the debate in anticipation of the referendum, we travelled to the parts of the country that were most strongly in favour of leaving the European Union.

However Brexit is not the only phenomenon to have destabilised England. Islamist terrorism and the inability of immigrants to integrate has created pockets of violence which have exploded into acts of terrorism that have bloodied the streets of London and Manchester. We have reported also on the phenomenon of many foreign fighters leaving for Pakistan to fight in the holy war.

It is not just jihadism though. In English cities there are actual ghettos in which the laws of the country do not exists. The existence of these places has provoked the horrors of islamists gangs who have raped thousands of boys and girls in English counties. Violence against women is the order of the day. We have also reported on the parts of the female world that have reacted to this violence by training in more violent and extreme martial arts day after day.