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How much is quality journalism worth today?

It is priceless to us. That is why every day we invest all our energy, passion and creativity to tell incredible stories from around the world. Our aim is not to get there first. What matters to us is reporting what is happening in every part of the world with a new point of view, with care and attention, and with loyalty and passion.

And we do it through the images and words of our reporters, photographers, journalists and video makers from all around the globe, from America to Russia, from England to Congo, from Israel to Brazil…

This wouldn’t be possible without you.

You are the first person we address when we write and you are our most important editor. Without your contribution and your presence, InsideOver would not exist. Since 2014, our readers have been supporting us by helping to finance a large number of reports from around the world. To make it possible, we created a nonprofit association, the Association for the Promotion of Journalism, which collects all donations from readers. These are used exclusively to cover the expenses incurred by the reporters from departure to return. On a dedicated page you will find a report of all the expenses incurred in order to realize the reports.

If you also believe in quality journalism, if you like the way we work and want to help us realize new projects, support our work.

Information regarding money donations and the processing of personal data
1. Money donations made using this page are granted to the Associazione per la Promozione del Giornalismo (Association for the Promotion of Journalism) with headquarters in Milan Via Gaetano Negri 4, Fiscal Code 97673150153. The association will use the funds exclusively in order to support Inside Over’s activities. The Association will only receive the information which is strictly necessary to manage the transactions and will not further process the donator’s data which will instead be treated by Il Giornale online S.r.l. as the Controller of the processing of personal data as outlined by EU Regulation 2016/679.
2. The treatment of personal data on the part of Il Giornale on line s.r.l. is carried out exclusively for purposes connected with the management of the donation made.
The legal basis of the treatment is the execution of the interested party’s request and the legitimate interest in efficiently managing the donor’s data.
3. The data will be inserted in a database and/or kept for the time strictly necessary to the above-mentioned purposes in paper archives or on magnetic supports and will be processed manually or through the use of electronic systems, telematics systems or through the use of any other means made available by technical and technological evolutions in accordance with the law. Processing of data will be done correctly and lawfully and in such a way as to guarantee their safety and confidentiality.
4. Providing data for the above-mentioned purposes is optional. However, should you refuse to submit the data it might be impossible for the Holders to provide the activities referred to.
5. Personal data can be communicated to the subjects in charge of processing data for the above-mentioned purposes and the parties authorized to processing of data or responsible for data treatment and appointed by the Holders.
6. Finally, we inform you that the rights laid down in Articles 15- 22 of the Regulations on personal data may be exercised, including that of obtaining from the Owner confirmation of the existence or not of your personal data and to allow the Owner to make them available to others where contemplated. Therefore you can request to know the origins of the data as well as the logic and purposes of processing; obtain the cancellation, transformation in an anonymous form or block the data treated in violation of the law, as well an any updating, modification or, where interested, integration of the data itself; oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing, as well as the portability of the data and limitations to processing. In cases established by law, you may lodge a complaint to the Data Protection Supervisor. Written communication can be sent to the following email address: dpo_privacy[at] to the processing Holder.

In accordance with EU regulation 2016/679 and current regulations on personal data, I hereby declare I have read the above information document which explains the processing methods and purposes as well as the rights I am recognized.

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