Will the World Join Hands with Xi Jinping for All-Out Global War Against Coronavirus?

The New Coronavirus (Covid-19): some call it a global disease, some a Chinese virus, while others believe it is part of a conspiracy to rule the world. Despite the various theories, the central question is will the world forget the role of China in exporting the virus to the world and embrace Chinese President Xi Jinping’s idea of an all-out global war against coronavirus?

Can Italy forget the price it is paying for embracing the Chinese? China’s dilly-dallying tactics on sharing information and suddenly building 12,000-bed hospitals at a rapid pace give rise to the suspicion that they were prepared for the horrific turn of events. Moreover, why were the Chinese financial hubs — Beijing and Shangai — not hit? Why were China’s staunch allies North Korea and Russia not hit harder?

These are just some of the questions that should come to mind when the world thinks of joining hands with China to fight coronavirus.

Why should the world ever trust China again?

First, the Conspiracies …

In February 2020, the website The UFO Spotlight On… published an article revealing the supposed “truth” about the disease. The article which was supposedly written on behalf of a senior Chinese military intelligence officer states that China — unhappy with pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong — decided to make a biological agent that could make protesters more submissive. This bioweapon, the article claims, turned out to be more lethal than intended and resulted in the deaths of many people. China decided that the program was too dangerous (the author says “we wanted the population of Hong Kong to submit to us; we did not want to eliminate it”) and stopped using the bioweapon. However, the article claims the bioweapon was subsequently accidentally released near Wuhan, China.

Conspiracy theorists have also drawn similarities between the coronavirus events and the contents of certain novels. A 1981 thriller called The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz features a Chinese lab in Wuhan that makes a virus named Wuhan-400 to be used as a biological weapon, which has various similarities with coronavirus.

The book Unrestricted Warfare: China’s Master Plan to Destroy America, written by two Chinese military strategists Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui in 1999 also has strange similarities with the coronavirus events. Unrestricted Warfare explores strategies that weak nations might exercise to attack a superpower like the United States. The authors argue that even a small nation can harm a far more powerful enemy by damaging their economic and political systems. In the book, the military strategists argued that China cannot defeat America in direct military confrontation but can leverage its economic prowess to leave America behind. Conspiracy theorists who focus on the China angle believe that amidst the coronavirus crisis, Beijing is executing its long-term conspiracy to rule the world as mentioned in the book.

On a different tack, three prominent Iranian officials, including former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, ahave sserted that the virus is a manufactured bioweapon. Ahmadinejad wrote a letter to the UN secretary-general, which he posted on Twitter, stating that, “It is clear to the world that the mutated coronavirus was produced in a lab.” Iran has been one of the most effected countries outside of China by Covid-19 with 41,495 cases and 2,757 fatalities as of this writing.

Conspiracies Thrive Amidst China’s Defamation and Propaganda

Piqued by American President Donald Trump’s repeated reference to coronavirus as the Chinese virus, China first unleashed a campaign to shift blame for the emergence of the disease to its arch-rival the United States, and then Italy.

Chinese medical leaders, ambassadors, Foreign Ministry spokespersons and thousands of Chinese sponsored netizens posted comments on Chinese social media echoing the absurd conspiracy theories. The campaign was designed to deflect blame for the pandemic and China’s delay in taking action. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian even tweeted: “It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan” alluding to the presence of hundreds of athletes from the US military in Wuhan for the Military World Games in October 2019. Furthermore, a discredited story that is widely shared on China’s Weibo social media platform claimed that coronavirus was first detected in Italy in November, 2019.

Why Hasn’t Coronavirus Hit Beijing and Shanghai?

The coronavirus was originated in the city of Wuhan, and it has now spread to 199 countries and territories around the world with a total of more than 740,000 confirmed cases and a death toll of over 35,000. But interestingly, the virus did not reach the adjoining cities of China — the national capital, Beijing and the economic capital, Shanghai.

The bitter fact is that China exported the virus to the world, but itself has emerged largely unscathed. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Britain’s Prince Charles, a Hollywood star, Australia’s home minister, the Spanish Prime Minister’s wife — they all have been infected, but the coronavirus has not touched a single prominent leader or military commander in China. Why? Chinese markets have resumed selling bats and slaughtering rabbits on blood-soaked floors. Don’t they know that bats, dogs, and cats were the reported reasons for coronavirus? Don’t they care?

Bitter Truth: China is Selling Oxygen to the World While Choking It

China exported the virus to the world and now when the world is in the ICU, China is pretending to be the good guy and making massive profits. More than nine thousand Chinese companies have started manufacturing masks and medical equipment in China. China is purchasing distressed assets across the globe. The purchase of distressed assets has set alarm bells ringing in Australia. The Australian government is scrutinizing purchases made by China. America and other countries are devastated financially. China is now the single largest owner of the US treasury with 1.18 trillion holdings surpassing Japan.

Chinese factories are beginning to buzz again while the rest of the world has come to a halt.

According to conspiracy theorists, Covid-19 needs to be seen in the light of the arm twisting of China by the United States in the trade war. The global economy is ruined, but all business areas and financial hubs of China are safe. Factories are up and running and China is profiting. The global share market tumbled, but the virus has hardly had any impact on the Chinese stock market. These conspiracies may be entirely wrong, but the untrustworthy nature of the Chinese government is an established fact.

The disastrous turn of events triggered by coronavirus indicates that after this pandemic China will become one of the top nations that everyone will love to hate.