Identity Politics – the Agenda to Burn Down America

Gotham City was real — at least for a few days. Fires, looting, destruction, murder, mayhem, anarchism engulfed many cities and states in the biggest democracy on the planet. The Joker would have been proud, while Martin Luther King had to be turning over in his grave as anarchists and left-wing terrorists usurped his cause and under the false guise of protecting and furthering his legacy, tried to break the United States and push it into the flames of all-out civil war.

Turning Protests Violent

To be honest and fair with history, it is not the first time that certain violent groups infiltrate protests to further their agendas. It is not a secret that anarchist organizations, left-wing activists and billionaire philanthropists have as a goal the total destruction of the emblem of democracy and rule of law: the United States of America. They are on record admitting this, so it is neither a conspiracy nor an exaggeration.

These groups work behind the shadows to segregate people based on their race, sexual orientation, ideology and gender. In doing so, their aim is to pit the different societal groups they have created against one another. They try to make everything in our lives, including every conflict and each misunderstanding about race and gender. The brainwashing that occurs makes it possible to divide the world into victims and oppressors. This ideology states that if one is white then one is bad. White people should shut up and be discredited if they do speak up. If you are a straight white male in America, but also in Europe, you are by definition the oppressor. You are made to feel like you have committed the most egregious of sins. The media, which survives and enriches itself from the money of these groups, pushes this way of thinking and the brainwashing continues. The Democratic Party in America, and all political parties on the left embrace this divisive strategy. It was the Democratic Senator from Hawaii that during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings said all men should shut up just because they are men — an outrageously incendiary and prejudicial comment.

The Authoritarian Left Playbook: Divide and Conquer

This division and this ideology are the racist ones. They breathe life into the fires of division and hatred. There is nothing stronger than the love for family, country, neighbor, anthem, flag and tradition. However, if you put people into groups, if you segregate them into racial and gender categories and if you teach them to think into these terms, it is easier to divide them and ruin their country. This is the reason America is burning today. By brainwashing people into thinking they are victims, it is easier to rule over them and make them do your bidding. This is the strategy of the left. It wants certain groups of people to think they are weak, because once they understand their potential for greatness, they will choose what is best for them.

What happened with George Floyd was pure murder and nobody, in the US or elsewhere, disputed that. It was a terrible, tragic, heartbreaking event. His murder was condemned from the highest offices of Washington, to the simplest citizen. President Trump urged that those responsible face justice immediately, while expressing his condolences and sorrow for what happened. Police officers everywhere condemned their killer colleagues without hesitation. The perpetrators were immediately fired. It was the perfect opportunity for everyone to come together as a nation and mourn Floyd, make sure his killers received the harshest punishment under the law and discuss how to confront violence and root out the corruption that is inside the police.

Are there bad cops? Of course, there are. There are corrupt policemen and policewomen who kill whites and blacks. In fact, according to the official statistics, they kill more whites than blacks. Why not address the causes of violence? There are ways to identify the bad cops and prevent these cases. The Wall Street Journal had an op-ed piece providing a solution to this. However, bad cops are a very small percentage. The idea that a black person cannot go out of their homes without fear of being killed due to racism is false and ill-intentioned. I am not alone in saying this! Larry Elder, a black attorney, Martin Luther King Jr.;s niece Alveda King and many other respected people from the black community have consistently sought to dispel this myth.

Black On Black Crime is a Deadly Serious Problem

On the other hand, it is also true that blacks are the ones who kill more blacks. Where are these far-left organizations such as Black Lives Matter in the black neighborhoods? Why have they not done anything to improve the lives of the black community, build schools for them, and make their communities safer? Why is black on black crime higher in states run by Democrats – the very ones who claim to have the best interest of this community at heart? The ongoing black on black murder rate in Chicago and Baltimore is one of the most horrendous and tragic things in America. These crimes go unsolved and the individuals many times do not have the resources to hire lawyers. This increases their belief that the system is stacked against them.

However, we should remember that they are worse-off in states led by the left. Why has the welfare state created by the left wing President Lyndon B. Johnson not helped black people? Moreover, why unemployment of the black community dropped to record level only when a Republican President took office? We have on one hand the identity politics rhetoric of the left who wants the votes of the black community and for them to be dependent on the government and on the other we have the conservative solution of letting them free to make their decisions, get proper education and careers.

Racism is Real, ‘Systemic Racism’ is Propaganda

Are there racist people in the US? For sure there are, in the US and elsewhere. There are white people who are racist just as there are black people who are racist. However, to say that there is systemic racism is simply untrue. To say that all Americans and Europeans are racist is false. Racism is shunned by the majority of people in the US and in Europe. Having racist people in a society and being racist as a society are two very different things.  In 2019, there were 10 shootings of unarmed black people. So, in a nation of 330 million, does that statistic prove black people are targeted by police systemically? No, it does not, especially when compared to the number of black on black murder. Both of these occurrences need to be addressed. No one disputes that. Nevertheless, let us ask this: if the US were the racist and evil place that the media and the left depict, then why would millions of people cross the border illegally to live there?

There are white Americans or white Europeans that have a harder life than many black people do, and the opposite is also true. How can a whole population be racist, when they elected a black President, have had black Secretaries of State, Attorney Generals, prosecutors, army leaders and officials in the highest levels? No other country gives the opportunity to become whomever you want, from basketball player, to actor, musician, and even President, as the US does. The capitalistic meritocratic system in the US made of these celebrities and sportspeople billionaires. Yet, many of them hate America and want to see it burn.

‘You Ain’t Black’

Yes, there are racists in America. They are those like Joseph Biden, previous Vice President under Obama and current Democratic nominee for President, who said that if you do not vote for a Democrat you are not black. This is called identity politics and it is disgustingly racist. It is practiced by the mainstream media, the Democratic Party, their counterparts in Europe, the Hollywood elites and all their followers who cannot think for themselves. To order people to think, speak or vote in a certain way just because of their skin color, gender or sexual orientation is plainly racist and should be condemned by elected officials, by the media and by every citizen. However, the media is corrupt, and half of the public officials get their funding by far-left organizations.

It is very difficult today to find objective commentary or reporting in the media. Most of the media and almost all the celebrities are so far left and anti-Trump that they are willing to see America and the world burn just to destroy the American President. They could not bring him down with the Russia collusion hoax, the impeachment, countless accusations, the pandemic, so now they are resorting to civil unrest. They are encouraging and justifying the thugs burning down businesses because it suits their agenda.

Protests Have Been Hijacked by Extremists and Criminals

There is no doubt that there were peaceful protesters when the protests started. They were the people who initially went into the streets, and their cause and aim were undoubtedly sincere. They went out to protest because they are poor and frustrated about what they feel is injustice.  However, the protests were hijacked by the Marxist organization Black Lives Matter, the far-left anarchists Antifa and also the street thugs that simply want chaos. Many of these thugs, in their lust for destruction, let slip to the few honest journalists on the ground that they were there to steal and destroy, admitting they were being paid to do that. Nothing to do with the death of George Floyd. What Antifa and Black Lives Matter are doing is not only criminal and illegal, but also an insult to the memory of Floyd. At least, they are exposing themselves for what they truly are.

These two groups want to destroy America as it is and remake it into a communist country. They have stated it themselves. That is why they are burning businesses of innocent people and targeting only white neighborhoods. They see them as a symbol of capitalism and meritocracy, freedom of expression and entrepreneurship. One of the editors of the New York Times, together with many so-called journalists admitted that fire is necessary so that a new America is born, like the phoenix. They want to implement the opposite of the values upon which America was built. Just by looking at the program of the Marxist Black Lives Matter, one can understand the type of tyrannical vision they have.

A recent report uncovered by Sean Hannity shows that they have been planning the riots and destruction since November 2019. This is further proof that they do not care about the black community, simply want to use them. Otherwise they would not have killed a retired black police officer, Captain David Dorn. Captain Dorn was killed for the sin of protecting the business of his friend. Why are there no protests over his death? Why did the media not cover his murder by the rioters? Why did no celebrity post anything on social media in solidarity? Why has the media not mentioned that the rioters set fire to a home with a child inside and then blocked the firefighters’ access to the home? Using just causes for political purposes is evil and there should be agreement by all sides on this. However, when people do not get the full objective story by the media, it is unavoidable that there will be division, which certain politicians will use without shame. Statism is what breeds more racism, so we should all be aware of those who advocate for it. We should not forget that it was the left that advocated for racism and it was the Republican Party that abolished it, under Abraham Lincoln. Left-wing politicians were supporters of the Klan. What is currently happening is just a derivation of it, under the guise of equality. It is the same mentality, just different tactic.

How to Solve racism?

The solution to racism is simple: the right kind of education. The one that teaches people to think for themselves, raise their individual awareness, make them able to overcome difficulties, make the system more meritocratic and avoid putting people into baskets based on their race or gender. Judging people collectively is a communistic way of thinking aimed at entrapping people into doing others’ bidding. Responsibility should be individual, as should merit. The black community, the white community and everyone should vote for whomever they think will do the best for them. We must understand that all lives matter, all lives are worth having dignity, freedom, education and the opportunity for greatness. If the tax cuts and deregulations helped both the blacks and the whites to have the lowest unemployment ever, than they should reject any politician who tells them how to think, vote and act.

Everyone should see beyond the divisiveness of the mainstream media and the left and value each other for who we are, our actions and achievements, and not race or gender. As soon as we understand this, and reject the sickening identity politics, then we will have made a step closer to the real end of racism.