Nagorno Karabakh: Legacy of War

Nagorno Karabakh: Legacy of War

The war in Nagorno-Karabakh has left a trail of pain and anger that has changed the life of two an entire population forever. Armenia welcomed the announcement of surrender conditions with anger. Azerbaijan, on the other hand, welcomed peace with the joy of those who know that they have reached a historic goal. In the middle, there are the people who lost their home, their future and their families in a war that has lasted for decades and which does not seem to have the word “end” yet.

  • PART 1

    Escape with No Return

    An exodus of thousands of citizens and houses set on fire so as not to leave the memories of  a lifetime to the winners of the conflict: these are the images that, best of all, portrayed the flight of almost...

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  • PART 2

    No Future

    All over Yerevan, black banners can be seen with the names and ages of the boys who died during the war. There are no Christmas decorations in the streets of the capital of the country in the Caucasus, only photos...

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  • PART 3

    Nagorno Karabakh: the Scars of War

    Endless night fell on Armenia on November 9, 2020. The announcement of the war’s end and the trilateral peace agreement signed by Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan entered the homes of 3 million Armenian citizens through a Facebook post by Prime...

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  • PART 4

    The Ashes of Nagorno Karabakh

    A checkpoint manned by soldiers of the Armenian army and Russian peacekeeping forces marks the border between Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. The small border post where they would stamp an entry visa on travelers’ passports no longer stands in the self-proclaimed...

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