Nagorno Karabakh in flames

Nagorno Karabakh in flames

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Caucasus has once again reignited in Nagorno Karabakh. “I will not leave this city because it is my homeland and I want to stay here until war ends,” told us Armian, an injured soldier who yearns to return to the front. This war, more so than many others, seems to have neither winners nor losers. It is a never-ending deadlock in which it is the civilians who suffer the most.


  • PART 1

    The Siege of Stepanakert

    STEPANAKERT - Viktor is 21 years old, lively eyes, a well-spoken university student, he is younger than the war he is going to fight. Along the road which leads from Armenia’s capital Yerevan to Stepanakert, the capital of Nagorno Karabakh,...

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  • PART 2

    Trapped in War

    Fifteen days have gone by since war exploded in Nagorno Karabakh: on 27 September 2020, a stumbling block in history, a date which points to when an entire land began to familiarize itself with pain, and daily life increasingly started to...

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    PART 3

    Blood After the Truce

    The ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan proclaimed for humanitarian reasons on 10 October lasted not even 24 hours. Shortly afterwards bombings once again began to target cities, both in Nagorno Karabakh and in Azerbaijan. The conflict reignited and with it its...

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