Chad: under siege of Boko Haram

Chad: under siege of Boko Haram

Chad, a country in Central Africa, is now facing the most complex humanitarian crisis in the world.

In the basin of a lake that has shrunk by 90% due to the climate change, the population must fight every day against malnutrition, desertification and disease. This situation, combined with weak state institutions and pervasive corruption, makes these people easy prey for the terrorist group of Boko Haram. The Jihadist fighters of Boko Haram, coming from Nigeria, attack the Chadian villages, kidnapping, killing and recruiting people who have nothing to lose any more.

The words of Daniele Bellocchio and the pictures of Marco Gualazzini, winner of the World Press Photo, tell us about a reality as terrible as the unknown, also giving space to the stories of those who survived, those who feel regretful, and those who still find a way to carry on.

  • PART 1

    Boko Haram, victims and executioners

    Dar es Salaam, house of peace, a prophetic name for a village just a short distance from Bol where victims of the jihadist group Boko Haram live. An infinite spread of sand and huts where families twisted by hatred and...

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  • PART 2

    Islam that doesn’t lead to jihad

    It is a hypnotic song. A pounding, almost indistinct sound that the winds of Bol carry through the streets. The percussive rhythm, the long and baritonal notes of the horns and the high voices of women become clearer while walking...

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  • PART 3

    Inferno of sand

    It is like there is a Jinn, a desert spirit, a ghost, so old that, at sunset, while warmly wrapped up in a white jellabiya and holding on tightly to a walking stick, advancing with effortless elegance through the dust...

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  • PART 4

    The hospital of desperation

    Ciad, a former French colony, gained independence in 1960 and, following the proclamation of the birth of the Republic of Chad we know today, the history of this African nation has been characterised by autocratic governments and continual war. The...

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