Chad, a country in Central Africa, is now facing the most complex humanitarian crisis in the world.

In the basin of a lake that has shrunk by 90% due to the climate change, the population must fight every day against malnutrition, desertification and disease. This situation, combined with weak state institutions and pervasive corruption, makes these people easy prey for the terrorist group of Boko Haram. The Jihadist fighters of Boko Haram, coming from Nigeria, attack the Chadian villages, kidnapping, killing and recruiting people who have nothing to lose any more.

The words of Daniele Bellocchio and the pictures of Marco Gualazzini, winner of the World Press Photo, tell us about a reality as terrible as the unknown, also giving space to the stories of those who survived, those who feel regretful, and those who still find a way to carry on.


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