Hell in Mexico

Hell in Mexico

On the one hand Mexico is a paradise for tourists from all over the world, on the other it is the kingdom of narcos. These are the two faces of this country, where power is guaranteed by killing and the war between drug gangs is recording a remarkable increase in deaths.

So much so that many talk about “necromancy”, of a state ruled over deaths. But there are also those who won’t give in to the violence of gangs, like the inhabitans of  the village of Rincon De Chautla, that is constantly threatened by Los Ardillos.

Here women and children are forced to carry a rifle to defend themselves. Violence calls violence. And now Mexico is a heaven turning into hell.

  • PART 1

    Child Soldiers in the Fight Against Drug Gangs

    In the heart of the Guerrero mountains, the Rincon De Chautla village – a handful of houses lived by Nahuatl people – is being threatened by a criminal gang, Los Ardillos.After attempting to ally with the community police, Los Ardillos...

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  • PART 2

    Acapulco, hell in paradise

    In the crystal-clear waters of a bay in the Pacific Ocean, Elizabeth Taylor smiled ecstatically at the beauty of a city whose name to her and many other Hollywood celebrities was synonymous with Paradise: Acapulco.Today Acapulco, the most important city...

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