Islam you wouldn’t expect

Islam you wouldn’t expect

We have been in Pakistan to discover every aspect of this complex country, whose population has several social, ethnic and sexual contradictions. We met the transgender community and they told us about a life of exclusion. Once worshipped and revered, today transsexual people survive only by begging and dancing at parties, treated like sideshows. They are also often victims of physical and psychological attacks.

Those who are not victims of discrimination have to deal with drug addiction. In Lahore, we saw the face of the dark abyss in which men, women and teenagers are trapped. The Asiatic country has the tragic primacy of heroine consumption: 800,000 drug addicts and 44 tons of substance consumed every year.

In this same reality, there are also the followers of the Sufism, the branch of Islam aiming at realizing here and now the presence of God inside human beings, preaching love and refusing any kind of divisions. Ecstasy, religious music, hypnotic dances: that is how the Sufis seek direct contact with the divine. But, often considered as heretics, they are persecuted by the most extremist Islamic groups.

  • PART 1

    Pakistan, in the abyss of heroin

    This is the abyss: absolute, equaliser, inhumane and stigmatised. An abyss that exists in humans, in humans who are all the same, without any pathway or any hope.It's sewn to their own bodies, visible in their eyes, they walk it,...

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  • PART 2

    Those Muslims defending Christians

    It was Easter of 2016, when across the whole city of Lahore rumors stared spreading about a kamikaze explosion inside the Gulshan and Iqbal Park, which caused a massacre. It is one of the most heinous actions ever committed by the...

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  • PART 3

    A journey through the Sufism

    Karachi, the second megalopolis of the world, a monolith of cement and discharges of waste water, a crazy ants nest made of frenzy, fury, misery and money. Here is the Leviathan laying down on the Arabic Sea, the bay of...

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  • PART 4

    Pakistan “tolerates” transsexuals

    It is night in the outskirts of Lahore, out of an anonymous building, taxis and richòs full of people keep arriving. Many men, young or not, get off the cars, they enter in the old building and go to the...

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