From Africa to Europe: a Desperate Dream

From Africa to Europe: a Desperate Dream

In 2018, Morocco and Spain were inundated by thousands of migrants. After the policies of the Italian government slowed down the Libyan route, the Moroccan reign was overwhelmed by an unprecedented migratory wave. Sub-Saharan, Algerian and Moroccan migrants crowd around the small city of Ceuta, Spanish enclaves in North Africa, trying to get to Europe.

The Moroccan reign effectively managed the migratory flow for years, having understood it could take advantage of it. But later in 2018, under pressure from the European Union, Morocco started deporting migrants back to their country of origin. The popular districts of Tangier, which were previously populated by a growing number of migrants, are now empty. Those who escaped the law enforcement now live hidden in the forests south of the city or in ruined buildings, hoping to reach Europe one day. This is the desperate dream the journalist Marianna di Piazza tells about in her report.

  • PART 1

    Escaping to Europe

    Ceuta (Spain) They hide under the freights of parked trucks in the port of Ceuta. There they wait impatiently. Their dream is to arrive at the Iberian peninsula and the to travel on to France, Germany, Italy and England. There are...

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  • PART 2

    In the forest of migrants

    Tangiers (Morocco) An expanse of white and red houses. Then the ocean. A distance of just a few kilometers from Spain and the desire to live a better life. So, with the hope of being able to leave and to put...

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