Elezioni Usa 2020 Convention Nazionale Repubblicana (la presse)

The Republican National Convention: a Gathering of the Common People

During conventions it is impossible to remember all that was said, everyone who attended or each campaign promise. What remains, though, is the taste the event in its entirety leaves.

The Democratic Message: Doom and Gloom

Independently of the political leanings, the consensus for the Democratic Convention was that in the end, the messages that were presented spoke of an America in its darkest days, at the grip of the abyss and in the midst of a gloomy period.

The Democrats emphasized the need to metaphorically (which the recent mobs have taken literally) burn to the ground everything that makes America what it is and start anew.

The Republican Message: There’s Still Hope

When their turn came, the Republicans spoke of hope and optimism, highlighted the values and principles that stand at the center of the United States and showed a deep love and respect for their country, their traditions and history.

It was quite a cheerful affair, that left me as a watcher with the impression that while America certainly has its problems, the good outweighs the bad and its best days are still ahead.

The RNC’s Wide Variety of Speakers

The convention was a mix between policy and emotion. The first two nights had a much greater focus on the emotional side. The Republican National Committee chose an interesting mix between eloquent speakers, those trained in public debates and accustomed to the spotlight and those that clearly were in front of the cameras for the first time.

Yet, when hearing them speak, the strength of their stories was so great that it did not matter if they lacked in eloquence. Everybody made the case for the President in a believable way that came off as honest and true. Trump frequently has the most effective policies, the right action and has achieved some of the greatest successes in the last quarter century. Yet, his rhetoric, his character and style often obscure such achievements and policies.

The speakers, in their modesty, were very effective in transmitting the President’s accomplishments and his program for the next four years, because they did so without the character that Trump brings.

The Republicans had invited a diverse group of speakers in terms of gender, race and professions. At the center of the convention stood the citizen, the common men and women of the United States that had been welcomed to tell their stories. A huge contrast with the celebrity filled Democrat convention.

The strongest and more memorable speeches came from these regular individuals with real and relatable stories.

Focus on Highlighting Minority Support for President Trump

The convention constituted the biggest outreach to minorities in all of the Republicans’ history. The President needs but a small increase in minority votes to secure several swing states. Recent polling shows that there has been an increase in the support of minorities for Trump. Also, blue states such as Minnesota which have seen unrest during summer, are now a tossup. The Trump campaign seems to believe even New York may be in play.

Maximo Alvarez was one of the best speakers of the first night. He was Cuban born, yet he called himself “100% American”. I admit I was moved to tears as I heard Alvarez talk about “the sound of waves in the ocean, carrying families clinging to pieces of wood” and “the sound of tears hitting the paper of an application to become an American citizen.”

Only someone coming from a country ravaged by the plague of socialism and communism understands what Alvarez was talking about and really knows the danger that the likes of Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the empty vessel that is the Trojan Horse Joe Biden.

“I’m speaking to you today because I’ve seen people like this before. I’ve seen movements like this before. I’ve seen ideas like this before and I’m here to tell you, we cannot let them take over our country. I heard the promises of Fidel Castro. And I can never forget all those who grew up around me, who looked like me, who could have been me, who suffered and starved and died because they believed those empty promises,” Alvarez said.

“Learn the truth. Those false promises—spread the wealth, defund the police, trust a socialist state more than your family and community— don’t sound radical to my ears. They sound familiar,” he added.

Democrats Turning Republican

The convention included Jason Joyce, a former Democrat lobster fisherman from Maine. He spoke about Trump brokering a deal with the European Union to put an end to tariffs on Maine live lobsters. John Peterson told the story of his metal-fabrication company almost going down during the Obama-Biden years, and “thriving” under Trump.

These hard-working individuals from swing states such Minnesota, Maine and Wisconsin made the case for Donald Trump in a much convincing way than Billie Eilish, Eva Longoria and their ilk made for the Democrats and Joe Biden.

Tim Scott, the black Senator from South Carolina was among the more memorable voices. He talked about opportunity zones and school choice. He mentioned his grandfather, who “was forced out of school as a third-grader to pick cotton” and had passed away recently but not before seeing his grandson become a Senator. His family had gone from “cotton to Congress in a generation” Scott said and he was “living his mother’s American dream”.

Showing the Difference Between Trump and Biden

Just like Tim Scott, another south Carolinian and potential presidential candidate in 2024, Nikki Haley, presented a good contrast between Trump and Biden, depicting the latter as a puppet of the far left. She was among the harshest critics of the former Vice President. Haley, the former US ambassador to the United Nations and a successful former Governor of South Carolina, and an Indian American, portrayed Mr. Biden as weak on foreign policy, saying that the previous administration “let Iran get away with murder, and literally sent them a plane full of cash.”

The theme of regular people showing how their lives have been improved by the policies implemented by the Trump administration continued throughout the convention. There were people who spoke of loved ones murdered by illegal immigrants deported several times as well as a woman who had lost her husband to the rioters during the summer.

Standing Up to Cancel Culture

In addition, Nicholas Sandman, the young men from Kentucky who was harassed and attacked by the media and who won a lawsuit against CNN, tackled cancel culture. “I learned that what was happening to me had a name. It was called being canceled.”

Canceled is what’s happening to people around this country who refuse to be silenced by the far left. Many are being fired, humiliated or even threatened. Often the media is a willing participant. But I wouldn’t be canceled.” While he was saying all this, mainstream media pundits were continuing their harassment and bullying.

Madison Cawthorn, a 25 year old running for Congress, who has been on a wheelchair since an accident when he was 18, after a heartfelt endorsement of the President and his vision for America, stood up from his wheelchair for his country. It was an amazing moment to see and a message to all those kneeling for the flag and the anthem. He is one of the fresh faces of the Republican Party and added to the diversity of the guests.

Cawthorn won the primary voting in his party against a candidate who had the backing of the President. Now, he intends to be the voice of his party regarding healthcare. Moreover, he showed what the conservative youth stand for, their respect for tradition and strength against adversity.

“If you don’t think young people can change the world, then you just don’t know American history,” Cawthorn said Wednesday night, while mentioning Washington, Lincoln and James Madison, whom he said was “his personal favorite”. He went on to add: “This is a time of great adversity for our country. And I know something about adversity. I was given a 1% chance of surviving. Thanks to the power of prayer, a loving community, and skilled doctors, I made it.”

Bitter Ex-Republicans Only Motivated by Hate

Apart from the regular folks who showed up from all walks of life telling powerful stories of surviving communism, saving their businesses through the supply side policies of the President, suffering losses from illegal immigrants, having their lives saved through the right to try policy of the administration and many other incredible experiences, there were also many lifelong Democrats who had supported Trump. Last week, regarding the former Republican officials who endorsed Biden, I wrote that it did not matter.

For coherence sake, the reader may expect the same for the Democrats who support Republicans. Yet, I will say that this does matter. The former Republican officials like Colin Powell or John Kasich are supporting Biden because of their hatred for the President, not due to some ideal.

The Danger of Socialism

Many in the Republican establishment have seen their power disappear under a President they cannot control.
In the Republican convention, it was regular people giving testimony on the radicalization of the Democrat Party. They were living proof that Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Charles Schumer had caved to the communists such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

These individuals were still liberals, yet they found a home in the Republican Party. Expect moderate Democrats to reject radicalism and vote conservative, when in the privacy of the voting booth. They will have to put up with Trump’s character for four more years. Socialist policies would destroy the country forever.

Strong women such as South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, the first woman to run a successful Presidential campaign and the Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Ambassador Nikki Haley, Tiffanny, Ivanka and Melania Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Lara Trump, and many other regular women came out to endorse the President and show how his policies had benefited them and all women.

Many, such as McEnany, spoke of their private experiences with the president. When the Press Secretary had been sick, before taking the job, the President she had met but a couple of times, took the time to call her and ask about her health and surgery. All the women close to the President tried to show another side of Trump, more caring and compassionate.

A Strong, Pro-Life Message

Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood employee, gave a very graphic description of how abortion works. She said: “For me, abortion is real. I know what it sounds like; I know what abortion smells like. Did you know that abortion even had a smell? […] The last thing I saw was a spine twirling around in the mother’s womb before succumbing to the force of the suction.”

It is impossible to present this in the media. The left wing and pro-abortion lobbies do not permit it. Not even at Fox News, which considers itself a conservative media outlet. Yet, Johnson did it and as expected everyone left of center went crazy. She and many others gave strong testimony to the importance of life and how it begins at conception. Talk of faith, God and religion took center stage during the convention. Freedom of religion was emphasized several times and the Biden campaign were cast as the anti-religion, pro-abortion group. Emotional testimonies are indeed a powerful weapon, especially when true.

Melania’s Star-Studded Speech

The star that shone the brightest by far was the First Lady, Melania Trump. She capped a night in which her husband had performed naturalization ceremonies for several individuals each from different countries with the clear message that whoever follows the rules is welcomed in the US. The First Lady urged the country to pause and reflect on covid-19 and the racial unrest that have plagued the country throughout the summer.

She went high as her opponents went low and from the beginning said she would not engage in petty verbal exchanges.

Instead, Melania Trump pushed for unity, advocating for a greater focus on what everybody has in common. She acknowledged the opportunities and the meritocracy that had attracted her to America as an immigrant. Melania spoke with humility, pride and love for her country. An amazing contrast with the previous week for the Democrats, when a couple first ladies as well as all the other speakers confessed of their shame and hatred for the country. How can someone who feels that way want to govern the country?

The Trump Family Backs POTUS

The president’s family remain his biggest and most effective defenders. All of his children spoke policy and vouched for his good heart. They highlighted his achievements, touched upon his campaign program and made the case for four more years. Among them, Ivanka clearly stole the spotlight. Through her serene voice she compared him to the establishment, knowing his outsider status remains the president’s biggest asset.

“Washington did not change my father, my father changed Washington,” she finished her speech after mentioning the politicians who spent decades promising things, getting elected and then complaining about getting things done, only to promise them again in the next elections. Say what you want about Trump, but every campaign promise of 2016 has been worked toward.

Pence Singles Out Biden

On the penultimate night, Vice President Mike Pence made the case for him and Trump to get reelected as he accepted his Party’s nomination for VP. He was harsher than most on Biden, calling him a Trojan Horse for socialism. It was a recurring theme of portraying the former VP as an empty vessel for radical ideas and through a combination of rhetoric, examples and real life stories, it was effective.

Trump Shows His Personal Side

Lastly, the convention ended with Donald Trump accepting the nomination for President of the United States. It was a long speech, which could have been shorter by condensing many of the parts that were repetitive. However, the President feels, rightly so, that the media will not transmit fairly his achievements to the American people. So, he feels the need to tell the citizens himself.

The President showed a more emotional side than usual, starting with his late brother Robert, thanking his family and Vice President Pence. There are times when Trump shows a humility and humbleness that is rare, especially at occasions like this. He went on to focus on what he has done under the motto promises, made promises kept.

Trump Promises Big Things For His Second Term

He mentioned the low taxes and deregulation that spurred growth and caused record low unemployment for everybody, including women, African Americans and Hispanics. The President focused on the wall that he is building, the more than 300 judges that he has nominated including two US Supreme Court Justices.

He reinforced what many had testified in previous nights from first hand experience on the efficacy of the opportunity zones and school choice. He touted his foreign policy accomplishments like the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE, the first in 25 years, moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, a promise made by all his predecessors in the last quarter century, and the fact that he is the first President since Reagan not to start a war. He also mentioned the murder of terrorists such as ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and Qasem Soleimani.

For his second term, Trump promised more supply side policies to return the economy to pre-covid levels. According to polls, the voters trust him more than Biden on this. The President vowed to create 10 million new jobs and 1 million new small businesses. These are among the more believable promises, as are the promises to expand opportunity zones and school choice and maintain energy independence.

He also vowed to decouple from China, defend the police, cut illegal immigration, pass congressional limits and put a man to the Mars. Underneath the lines, Trump spoke of the threat from the left which has grown increasingly aggressive not only in the US but in Europe as well. He understands that this is a war for the soul of the world during this century.

Trump also talked about some less believable things such as a vaccine before the end of the year and uniting the country. The latter seems difficult as there is a widening gap between the liberal elites shown at the Democrat convention last week and the common people this one had center stage.

Despite the President’s character and the division it creates, his policies are effective and popular. Voters trust him with their jobs and economic well-being. They believe he will protect their interests abroad, especially in front of Iranian, Russian and Chinese aggression. The Republicans made the case for loving the country despite its flaws. As Melania Trump said, history is not perfect. Yet we all can learn from past mistakes and try to build a better future. The GOP made the case for patriotism, law and order, improving flaws, and implementing working economic policies, all issues with relevance to the common people.

At the privacy of the voting booth, many will probably choose the comfort and the relatability that the Republicans provide, instead of the hatred, socialism and mob rule that today’s Democrats offer.