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The Lincoln Project: Republicans Versus Trump

Granted, it has become somewhat easy to dismiss anti-Trump comments by Democrats and the progressive media as mere partisanship, biased dislike or ideological blindness. However, the narrative changes if loyal, life-long conservatives turn their backs on a supposedly Republican president, fight him and openly call for the election of a Democrat in lieu of the own candidate.

Introducing the Lincoln Project

The latter is not the script of the latest political TV show, it’s a reality in the modern US. The Lincoln Project is campaigning against Trump and in favor of Joe Biden. And while Trump’s base will not be deterred by the apparent failures of the president and likely die politically on the Trump hill, many Americans are now being encouraged in realizing that they, and indeed, the nation, deserve a better president. The Lincoln Project thus strives to illuminate undecided and former — now dissatisfied — Trump voters.

The Lincoln Project is presently the talk of the town when it comes to American politics. Ironically, the group is utilizing the president’s weapon of choice: social media. Here, the president’s cerebral inaptitude, general embarrassments, lack of empathy and often inhumane moments are posted in all their glory. The Lincoln Project has highlighted the President’s missteps with significant success. The videos are liked and shared by millions of people including liberals.

Provoking Trump and His Supporters

The Lincoln Project videos being used with the aim of making Joe Biden the 46th president are deliberately provocative and insulting — just like the president himself. A sophisticated, well-crafted, in-depth message founded on science or coherent policy will hardly be found — again, also resembling the president’s “messages”. The attempt of trying to beat Trump at his own game is apparent and visibly savvy.

The group behind these efforts is operating as a Super PAC — a political action committee. Therefore, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) campaign contribution limits do not apply, with the result that the Lincoln Project has raised $ 19.4 million to this point. This gives it plenty of liquidity, which the project continues to invest in videos and lobbying efforts.

Who is Behind the Lincoln Project?

The puppet masters are, among others, Steve Schmidt, former advisor to the late Senator and Republican presidential candidate John McCain. Other members include Rick Wilson and John Weaver, who previously worked for the Bush campaigns. Then there is George Conway, the rebel husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway. All are establishment Republicans who are appalled by the Trump phenomenon that appears to have overtaken the Grand Old Party’s traditional values.

The Conways, in particular, illustrate the zeitgeist of today’s conservatism in America: division. The Lincoln Project is the public representation of this division within the GOP that had existed long before Trump but now has turned into deep, unbridgeable trenches. Several Republicans now see Trump as a threat to the dignity of the presidency and consider his policies irresponsible at best and utterly un-American at worst. From Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney to John Kasich and Colin Powell, well-known Republicans are deserting Trump amid his poor performance during the pandemic.

Trump’s Troubles at the Polls

Moreover, the miserable poll numbers ​​of the president are now making even Trump loyalists on the Hill nervous. They, unlike the Never Trumpers, have tied their professional fortunes to Trump – and so far with considerable success. A Trump endorsement almost automatically equalled a successful campaign result in the past. With Americans waking from their slumber, however, Trump’s popularity continues to decline. As a result, many Republicans are now at risk of losing their congressional seats in November. One thus should not be surprised if more Republicans make a U-turn on the Trump question.

Even if every poll is only preliminary three months before the election — and it currently looks like a landslide victory for Biden — does anyone honestly believe that Trump will turn things around over the next 90 days? The pandemic and the disastrous riots in American cities have unmasked him. Any upcoming Biden blunder can’t outweigh the 153,700 dead Americans nor the unacceptable behavior of the president.

A Return to Normalcy

Trump’s presidency has led to parts of both major parties to seek a return to normalcy in American politics. If Republicans like those in the Lincoln Project are campaigning for a Democrat it is a sign of a failed Commander in Chief, but it is also a step in a direction that can partially overcome the divide in the United States. The latter is desperately needed.

If a president, after nearly four years in office, continuously tweets “make America great again!” during a national crisis — despite having done almost nothing to accomplish the latter — his body of work is summed up brilliantly.