Sanders campaign

The Failed Revolution: Bernie Sanders Ends his Presidential Bid

For weeks, it had been inevitable. Trailing by almost three hundred delegates and with no conceivable path to the nomination left, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Democratic Race. It marks the end of his quest to lead a revolution that had started five years ago but never evolved into reality.

Sanders Started the 2020 Campaign Strong but Went Downhill Quickly

Sanders’ campaign began with promising signs. He narrowly missed first place in the Iowa caucus but followed it up by winning the New Hampshire primary as well as Nevada. It had Sanders temporarily ascending to national front runner status, only to get annihilated by Joe Biden in South Carolina, however. It was the beginning of the end for Sanders. With the field of candidates decreasing in numbers, the party’s forces united around Biden, leading him to impressive victories on Super Tuesday and relegating Sanders’ fantasies of a revolution to the dustbin of history. Sanders’ campaign was already facing game over at this point, and decisive losses in Michigan, Arizona, and Illinois marked nothing short of public humiliation.

Nevertheless, Sanders decided to wait for the day after the Wisconsin primary to drop out of a race he had lost weeks ago. It is yet another reminder of the fact that Sanders appears to receive reality differently than others. This claim is reinforced when assessing the words he chose during his announcement that he was dropping yesterday. In it, Sanders did not simply state that he ended his campaign but that over the previous five years, his “movement” had “won the ideological struggle.” Moreover, his ideas, which used to be considered “radical and fringe,” were now “mainstream.”

Sanders Won’t Accept that His Ideas Were Defeated

The refusal to accept reality is a majestic display of Sanders’ apodictic nature. Moreover, it is a testimony of why his campaign unraveled the way it did. His statement that he had won the battle of ideas could not be further from reality. No, the party did not move in his direction. In fact, all candidates and other high-ranking, influential Democrats consolidated around Biden. Each of them was cognizant that the Sanders message could not win a general election. Sanders, meanwhile, was at no point able to purvey to anyone but to his “grassroots movement,” also known as the Bernie Bros.

Moreover, the majority of Democratic voters never displayed any proclivity for his message of a revolution, nor did they appreciate the praise for communist dictators and antisemitism among his surrogates. However, Sanders was never capable of recognizing the latter. Instead, he continued to fantasize ad nauseam about an unprecedented voter turnout he would be able to mobilize, necessary to beat Donald Trump. Sanders never aspired to be anything more than Bernie Sanders. However, just as in 2016, it was insufficient. The result now marks the earliest end to a contested Democratic primary race since 2004.

Sanders is Out ⁠— With One Catch

However, Sanders would not be Sanders if his exit had not come with a caveat. Sanders is inclined to remain on the ballots for the upcoming primaries and to keep the delegates he has accumulated to date. The reason is simple. If Sanders manages to obtain 25 percent of the overall delegate count, he will possess the authority to influence the party’s platform during the Democratic National Convention and offer Biden his endorsement in exchange for partial implementation of his program.

However, even with a Sanders endorsement, radicals might be inclined to either abstain or, in some cases, even vote for Donald Trump. After all, the Trump agenda of chastising the globalist establishment aligns perfectly with the neo-Marxist tendencies many of the Sanders supporters display. Moreover, Trump has already indicated a proclivity to cater to these individuals in the coming months.

For now, however, the path to Biden becoming the Democratic nominee is secured. Sanders’ failure due to lack of self-reflection and false perception of reality are great news for the Democrats and even better news for America.