The Democratic National Convention: a Somber Spectacle of Failure

Those who expected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be at the forefront of their own convention were gravely mistaken.

Meet the Star of the Convention…

Donald Trump was the star of the Democratic National Convention. His name, policies, character and leadership were mentioned more times than any thing related to Joe Biden. Even when the former Vice President was referred to, it was in the context of his character. Everybody spoke of him as a good guy, compassionate, with dignity, honor, integrity, humility.  One could have mistaken the four-night event for a wake celebrating the life of somebody who had just died.

A Depressing Spectacle

The somber voices of the speakers, together with the gloomy and apocalyptic descriptions of America made the whole thing a depressing affair. The United States were painted as the land of injustice, inequality and repression. It made one feel sorry for the inhabitants who could not escape this doomed country.

Yet, fret not, the speakers cheered. Joe Biden, a new white knight, in service of the light, was about to arrive and save the darkened country currently on the steps of a vast precipice. You could be forgiven from forgetting that Biden has spent more than 40 years either as a congressman, senator or vice president. Otherwise, it would be fair to ask, why has he not done more to solve the ills that trouble America.

Light on Actual Policy

Apart from the good qualities of Biden’s character, and him being the Anti-Trump, it was difficult to listen to anything resembling a governing program. On purpose, there was almost no policy mention, except from self-declared socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, who in his characteristic agitated tone, declared victory on the Party’s ideological front.

Equally absent from the convention were any mentions on the unrest and violence over the summer as well as Biden’s son. While the whole Trump family will be speaking at the RNC, Hunter Biden continues to remain suspiciously hidden.

Finding the Humor in the Bleakness

The depressing atmosphere of the convention would have been hard to swallow, if it had not been for the mix of irony and opposites presented, that served as comic relief. It was without a doubt the convention of the ironies and absurdities, filled with the occasional lie and hypocrisy. In some cases, these aspects left me wondering if they were trying to troll their own base or potential voters, because they could not be taken seriously.

Elizabeth Warren, the far-left senator who infamously lied about being of native American origins so that she could be hired by prestigious institutions, addressed the native American people in her speech and was meant to represent them. Bill Clinton spoke of ethics on the Oval Office whereas Stacey Abrams, who lost the election for Governor of Georgia but never accepted defeat was put on the Governors’ panel.

Just What People Need: More Entitled Celebrities

Meanwhile, there was a considerable celebrity presence, who spoke of the hardships of living in America and lectured individuals on how to vote in November. Surely, these billionaires moralizing people on poverty and how and what they should think is above hypocritical.

It remains a mystery what makes them think that a normal citizen needs lecturing on how to vote and how to live from celebrities who have no idea what living paycheck to paycheck means.

After all these decades, Democrats have still not understood that the value added of using these actors and singers is zero. They appeal to no one with a little common sense and logic.

Pre-Recorded Posturing

An example as to how excited and delighted everyone is regarding the Biden-Harris ticket is Michelle Obama. The former First Lady had recorded her speech way before Kamala Harris was announced as the VP pick, as Michele Obama did not mention her at all.

Throughout the convention it became clear nobody in the Democratic Party cares about Biden. Not that it was not obvious throughout the decades. Otherwise we would have had a President Biden in the last few times he ran for the office. As for Harris, she was one of the candidates who during the primaries received the least votes. She was attacked by the media and by members of the Party during the primaries. Everybody attacking her as radical and weak, praised her as soon as she was chosen VP nominee.

Biden as Trojan Horse

It is interesting to highlight some of the people speaking at the convention, especially those who were not in primetime, to understand the true face of the current Democratic Party and how Biden is an empty vessel for far-left radicals.

On the first night, a black pastor gave a speech during the “Our values” segment, which featured the radical organization Black Lives Matter’s closed fist, which has a frightening resemblance to the communist symbol. The pastor, a supposed man of God, condemned all those who do not accept open borders to hell.

Other actions of radicalism included the removal of “under God” from the pledge of allegiance, as well as a speaker encouraging those who hear the anthem to “either rise or kneel”.

Far-Left Fringe Speakers

A woman speaking on the Youth Council panel condemned capitalism adding that “this future that we all want and we are all trying to build is about the destruction of colonization, white supremacy and capitalism”. In addition, Ayanna Presley, a far-left congresswoman, praised the rioters that have looted and destroyed the American cities under the pretext of slavery reparations and the evil capitalism they represent.

Linda Sarsour, an anti-Semite and radical activist had a speaking slot saying that her ideas were at the center of the DNC. Points to the Biden campaign for disavowing her and distancing the former VP from his Party’s guest at their convention.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the far-left congresswoman from New York, also had her chance to describe how America was a terrible, racist country all in 60 seconds. That was all the time DNC had given to the rising star of the party, which prompted some displeasure from the radicals who have conquered most of the Party, since the DNC had given more time to former Republicans than the future of the Democratic Party.

It is fascinating how people who became millionaires and billionaires thanks to the US’ capitalistic and meritocratic system advocate for socialism, and how individuals spouting all sorts of radical and nonsense stuff speak of the country as if it were a dictatorship.

Getting Republicans to Back Biden

The Republicans speaking were a favorite talking point of the media. Having Colin Powell, John Kasich, Cindy McCain, the widow of the late senator John McCain, and a couple other Republicans of minor relevance was presented as a big thing. It was not.

A few former Republicans, who have had their personal conflicts with Donald Trump, driven by their hatred for the President, chose to endorse Joe Biden. Although Cindy McCain did not exactly endorse him. CNN contributor and former Governor Kasich spoke of how Biden will govern as a moderate. A shame that the former Governor did not have the farsightedness to plead for another night to talk, seeing as on the same evening, Senator Bernie Sanders assured his followers that Biden would be the most progressive President since Franklin Roosevelt.

No one pushes Joe around said Kasich. Sanders begged to disagree: “Our campaign ended months ago, but our movement continues, and it is getting stronger every day. Many of the ideas we fought for and that a few years ago were considered radical, are today mainstream.”

DNC chair Tom Perez confirmed as much. He said Senator Sanders wrote the party platform together with Biden. As for General Powell, he may have been once a Republican, but has endorsed Democrat nominees for President since 2008. Also, the same Democrats who criticized and condemned Powell and the Bush administration as war mongers for the Iraq War, were now praising him.

Andrew Cuomo as Model Leader? You Must be Joking

Starting with those in primetime, Andrew Cuomo, under whom New York had more deaths than any other state and who will be remembered for covering up deaths in nursing homes, was presented as the example of good leadership. It is the same Cuomo who recently has been begging people fleeing due to massive taxation and growing violence from radicals such as the Black Lives Matter organization, not to leave his state.

On the other hand, President Jimmy Carter, rated constantly one of the top 5 worst Presidents of the US, known for a disastrous foreign policy culminating with the Iranian hostage situation, gave his endorsement and praised Biden’s foreign policy achievements.

Michelle Obama’s Misleading Speech

Then came one of the biggest stars of the left. The Democrats’ obsession with putting former Democrat First Ladies to the front of politics is something that one does not find on the conservative side. Michelle Obama’s speech was full of lies and omissions.

The former First Lady, repeating her famous phrase of going high when the rest go low, apparently did not remember her husband’s campaign calling Mitt Romney sexist because he was considering women for VP (not unlike the current Democrat nominee) or Biden saying Romney was going to put “blacks in chains”.

Michelle mentioned children being torn from their parents at the borders, again forgetting that it was her husband who enforced that policy. Speaking about “teargas against peaceful protesters” she ignored the looters and rioters killing black people and even children and destroying businesses and forgot about Ferguson or other race related unrest during Barack Obama’s presidency.

Giving Bill Clinton the Spotlight to Talk About … Ethics

The Party who crucified Justice Kavanaugh for an unproven sexual harassment accusation, which ultimately turned out to be a lie, gave a primetime speaking slot to Bill Clinton, just as the media were reporting of a picture showing the former President on the plane of the notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein with one of the latter’s victims. Clinton went on to speak about ethics and decency on the oval office, in what has to be one of the greatest ironies of modern times.

The night after her husband’s speaking slot, Hillary Clinton finally came out of the woods of Chappaqua to warn about the dangers of election stealing. She lamented about how you can win the popular vote yet lose the electoral college, which is how the American system has always worked which she well knows.

Hillary spoke of the multitudes of people that come to her expressing their regret of not voting for her. Then, she mentioned the foreign powers who took away the victory from her and handed it over to Trump. It would probably have been more believable if she were more charming or likable. Again, there was no word on Biden’s abilities and leadership or any praise for Harris.

Her speech was all about her and Trump, showing once again her disrespect for the American voters and how she has never understood them. That is why she lost and also the reason why Biden may have the same fate.

Barack Obama’s Impressively Delivered Speech was Full of Untruths

The biggest star for the Democrats was Barack Obama. His speech, as expected, was praised by the media and left-leaning sympathizers. There is no doubt that President Obama is an excellent speaker. Moreover, he shines in demagoguery as he showed during his speech. The media loves him, the left adores him. He could have said whatever he wanted, in whatever obscene way, and still he would have received applause.

Yet, he attacked, lied and divided even more through his speech. Obama fundamentally believes that government is the source of all power. He has always expressed his conviction that government is the one who gives rights to citizens and not the Constitution and the President should have almighty powers. So, to have him warn about the danger to the separation of powers and the importance of the constitution is another aspect of the hypocrisy on the left ignored by the media.

Barack Obama’s speech will go down in history for sure. He is the first former President to attack and insult his successor. He did so at a funeral, where people had gathered to celebrate the life and achievements of a great men, while he made it all about Trump. He repeated it again in his speech.

No one can picture President George W. Bush doing the same to Obama, or even Bill Clinton to Bush. Just the same as no one can picture the classy and elegant Laura Bush tearing into Barack Obama. The rhetoric of Trump’s predecessor can never be enough to hide his failures as a president or his lack of class and disrespect for the American constitution. His actions speak louder than his words.

Criticizing Trump on COVID-19

Many attacked Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis and mentioned Obama’s handling of Ebola, a much more difficult disease to catch and totally incomparable to the coronavirus. However, it was surprising to see that Obama himself mentioned his management of the H1N1 pandemic for which he flat out lied. Obviously, few in the media called him out on this.

Back in 2009, while President Obama was golfing, his officials declared a health emergency. Obama promised 100 million doses of vaccines, while only 11 million were delivered, by which point, 22 million Americans had been infected. As the Wall Street Journal points out, 36,000 children were hospitalized, out of which 540 died.

Vice President Joe Biden’s former Chief of Staff in 2019 said: “We did every possible thing wrong. Sixty million Americans got H1N1 in that period of time, and it is just purely a fortuity that this isn’t one of the great mass-casualty events in American history. [It] had nothing to do with us doing anything right; just had to do with luck. If anyone thinks that can’t happen again, they don’t have to go back to 1918. Just go back to 2009, 2010. Imagine a virus with a different lethality, and you can just do the math.”

If it had been a virus with spread of H1N1 and with the death rate of Covid-19, the death toll would have been closer to two million, based on analysis from the Journal. So, to hear Obama mention this disaster in his Presidency and sell it as a victory spearheaded by Joe Biden is not only misleading, but a lie.

The Democrats Don’t Have Real Solutions

The democrats showed that they are making this election about character and not policy. They know that their policies are radical left-wing lunacies that moderates in swing states will reject. However, the danger in running on character is also great. Voters know Donald Trump’s character. They knew every dirty secret and obscene scandal the media could find of then-candidate Trump’s and still voted for him in 2016.

After a terrible summer filled with rioting and looting, even blue states are in play. Before the security of their lives, voters may ignore the brashness and character of Trump, finding instead comfort in his successful economic programs and defense for law enforcement and security. Expect the Republican convention this week to highlight the success of Trump’s economic policies during 2017-2019, the bright future that awaits the American people and the danger of socialism and radicalism to American values and principles. The distinction could not be more clear.