The community of Tibet celebrates the “Tibetan Independence Day” in Rome

The Tibetan community of Rome gathered in the iconic Piazza Republica in central Rome to celebrate the 110th anniversary of ‘Tibetan Independence Day‘ on February 13.

Buddhist monks in their traditional robes holding Tibetan flags and signs reading “Free Tibet” from “Chinese occupation” attracted onlookers. Several people holding Tibetan flags have requested that the world community help them preserve Tibet’s identity and its glorious tradition which is being lost due to the growing Chinese propaganda which distorts Tibet’s history and makes illegitimate claims to its land and to its people.

Speaking on the occasion, the President of the Italy-Tibet Association, Ms. Tseten Longhini, said that Tibetans inside Tibet and Tibetans in the world will continue to reclaim Tibet through their firm protests against the Chinese occupation. The day was marked by the raising of the Tibetan flag at Roma Termini, the central railway station, among the flags of several other nations. Booklets on Tibetan history were also distributed for the occasion.

The Tibetan community in Rome is small but many have come to celebrate the occasion from Milan where most of the community members live. Italy is among the few countries preferred by Tibetans to live and practice their religion threatened by Chinese propaganda activities.