Obamagate: the Legacy of a President

Barack Obama is an international superstar to the uninformed, disengaged and uninterested public everywhere. He is deceivingly charming, with an enviable eloquence and charisma. In the several European countries that I have lived, including my own, I have heard constantly how the former US President was a champion of equality and political correctness, a staunch fighter against the incoming “terrible” climate apocalypse and a sincere defender of feminism.

Obama’s True Legacy

This analysis will not waste any lines explaining the failures of the Obama administration, how he crippled his own country economically, dealt a fatal blow to national unity and destroyed America’s standing on the world stage. These are all facts easily accessible for anyone who wants to discover Obama’s true legacy for the United States and the world beyond what the media allows the people to see. And he did all of these things with a smile on his face and his unparalleled rhetoric. If we live in more dangerous world today, it is also because of Obama.

For many, unfortunately, rhetoric is a siren’s song that hides all facts. Who cares to know about the economic and political damage when you can hear someone explain how they are valiantly fighting climate change for example? From inside a private jet, nonetheless.

Obama’s Arrogance and Corruption is Finally Catching Up With Him

However, it appears that the arrogance of the former President, his desire for the spotlight and his alleged wrongdoings in office will not allow him to retire gracefully, as his predecessors did. He is a social justice warrior, after all. It seems that for Obama the troubles are starting precisely because he allegedly helped in his “retirement” with his administration’s work to prevent then-Republican nominee Donald Trump from taking office. Actions that are subsequently harming Obama’s legacy are starting to come to light.

Michael Flynn is a three-star general who retired from the military after a conflict of ideas with the Obama administration. In 2016, after starting his own consultancy firm, he worked as an adviser to candidate Trump. When Trump was elected President, he nominated Flynn as his National Security Adviser. It was then that the FBI questioned him about a conversation Flynn had had with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December 2016. Legal experts say that having the conversation was legal, since Flynn was an incoming national security adviser to the new President.

The FBI Broke its Own Rules in Interrogating Flynn

As the Heritage Foundation reports, the former deputy attorney general of the Obama administration told Congress that the General had allegedly violated the Logan Act. This act is a criminal statute created more than 200 years ago that prohibits American citizens who are not authorized to hold negotiations with officials from foreign governments. In America’s history there have been only two attempts to prosecute under the Logan Act, and none has been successful. According to Heritage, nearly all legal experts agree that the Act is unconstitutional. Thus, there was no base for prosecuting Flynn.

Moreover, the FBI violated its own rules when they summoned Flynn to interrogate him. The then-deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe called the General and asked him if he could meet with a few FBI agents on a matter of no great importance. The protocol for interviewing someone of the stature of Flynn is to go through the White House to make the request. Since its inception, this probe has been ill-intentioned and in bad faith.

The Obama Admin’s Russiagate Conspiracy

Information that came to light recently confirms that the FBI launched a corrupt investigation designed to damage Trump by linking him to Russia during the campaign of 2016. Two weeks ago, the Justice Department finally dropped its prosecution of General Flynn, after three years, and only subsequent to the discovery of  hand-written notes from an FBI investigator that indicated the Bureau was discussing how to entrap Flynn into “lying to the FBI”.

Furthermore, GOP Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson released a declassified list of officials from the Obama administration who were listening to various conversations Flynn had. However, it is illegal to release the names of private citizens caught on tape by US intelligence. In fact, the names of private citizens caught while the NSA follows foreigners are redacted. Their unmasking, as the process is known, happens only when there is a strong suspicion that national security is at risk by such citizens or the matter concerns international terrorism. So, the officials who request the unmasking must have a justification. The publication of this list of names proves that high ranking officials of the Obama administration such as then-FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, Vice President and current democratic nominee for President Joe Biden, then-Secretary of Treasury Jacob Lew and Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, among many others, requested the unmasking of a private citizen of the United States.

Why were they reading NSA transcripts and what was their justification? How come they requested to be informed precisely on that surveillance on which they later asked to learn the identity of the American involved? At the very least, if we were to follow logic, they knew that the FBI was trying to investigate Flynn in advance, even though the Bureau found no relation to Russia in their initial inspections. Did these Obama officials know then what has been discovered now, that agents from the FBI were trying to force Flynn to testify and lie under oath by threatening his son, in order to make Trump look guilty in colluding with Russia?

Obama Didn’t Know?

Is it logical to assume that the Vice President, the Chief of Staff, various members of the Cabinet knew, whereas President Obama did not? Biden and former Ambassador Power are now caught lying. They were asked on multiple occasions whether they had any knowledge on the Flynn matter at the time this was happening, and they replied negatively. Now, the publication of the list with their names proves the falsity of their words.

In addition, according to the Wall Street Journal, which cites documents released not long ago, then Attorney General Sally Yates first learned of the wiretapping of Flynn from President Obama, on January 5, 2017. So, he knew at some point between December 2016 and January 5. Who told Barack Obama and how much did he know? What was President Obama’s reaction to the illegal surveillance on the Trump campaign? Did he try to stop it, in which case the fault lies with rogue FBI agents, or did he turn a blind eye? Congress should summon him to testify, as they would for any other official. Recently, Obama attacked the decision to drop the prosecution of General Flynn as undermining the rule of law. Where were his ethics and love for the rule of law, while Hillary Clinton was being accused of deleting 33,000 emails and his Vice President and cabinet were involved in the illegal surveillance of an incoming President?

More Damaging Information Being Revealed

Other information discovered include the fact that FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok interviewed the General on January 2017, even though the Bureau found no collusion with Russia and ended its investigation on December 2016. Strzok and his lover, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, edited the Flynn interview report. Moreover, leaked messages between the two show that during the campaign they were discussing about a contingency plan they had, just in case Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump.

The dots are connected with the fake report — now discredited and proven false — on Trump and Russia. The report was made by a company on behalf of the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 elections. This report was used by the FBI to get a surveillance warrant on the Trump campaign, even though the Bureau knew it was fake, according to the documents made public. It was this dossier and the Russia collusion hype that kept alive the Muller investigation into Trump’s Russia relations, which cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. In the end, after two years, the American President was exonerated. There was no Russian collusion, but apparently there was a White House conspiracy with the FBI and the CIA to take down Donald Trump and destroy his Presidency. If this can happen in the world’s greatest democracy, it is enough to sound the alarm bells for all the rest of us. It is a scandal that based solely on the facts made public until know, goes so deep and so wide that it is hard to believe we are talking about the United States. It makes the Nixon matter look like child’s play.

What if This Had Happened to Someone Other than Trump?

If Donald Trump had not been elected President, all this would have never been discovered. Even worse than this, if it had been a Republican instead of Obama, this would have been the story of the century. Every media, in every corner of the world would have found out about the criminal Republican trying to rig an election or destroy the winner. Alas, the standard of truth, justice and the American way is valid only when it can be used as a weapon against conservatives. As always and for everyone, President Obama is innocent until proven guilty, if he is ever proven so. Yet, the sad part is that the chances of going to the bottom of this will be minimal, unless Trump wins again.

It is important to understand why this scandal is important for the rest of the world as well. A United States with internal corruption that is let to fester, and with coups worthy of a Third World country will weaken the world’s greatest democracy and diminish its moral standing and strength in the global stage. Currently, with China’s threatening expansion, Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, Russia’s ever looming shadow and a zombiefied Europe, we cannot afford the United States to be undermined from within. What has happened in this story shows a deep corruption in what is supposed to be the best law enforcement agency, which together with members of the Obama administration tried to take down a duly elected President. To restore faith in the American system, in the country’s justice and institutions, the matter needs to be investigated in every detail and the culprits need to face the consequences, no matter the office they used to occupy.

Mainstream Media Lies

There is one last actor in the story and that is the media. The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and many others published and made for years misleading reports and commentary. They openly came out of the closet as terribly biased, dropping any pretense that they are working as an extension of the Democratic party of America. Even after all these documents and facts were made public, they continue to repeat the same lies and try to hide all the facts from the public. Instead of serving as the paladins of truth, in pursuit of the facts, they helped cover up the biggest scandal in American history. Where are the heroes of Watergate now?

Unfortunately, no one will hold them accountable. The media in the US is in the large part corrupt and serving the left, the same as in Europe. They have become the servants of the highest bidder, which is always the unprincipled and unscrupulous left. The majority of the people will continue to watch and read what the media serves them, because the media is accountable to none. The current case in the US is proving it. And for as long as this goes on, the masses will be happy to read about the fighters of climate change, the celebrities and all the superficial news that bear no true relevance, while cheering the Obamas of the world without even trying to know their true nature.