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Lessons from an Abnormal Election

They have turned him into a martyr! Certainly not Donald the man, flawed as he may be, but Trump, the defender of the West, the protector of the individual and the torchbearer for freedom, entrepreneurship, tradition and history.

Trump: Fighting for Principles Conservatives Believe In

Whichever way the election goes – and there’s still a chance that the results will be contested – the radical behavior of his opponents has ensured he remains in the memory of all the peoples of the West, as the only one who stood up to the mainstream Establishment in defense of the simple man. The everyday person that simply wants to live a life free and without the long, interfering hand of the government.

Certainly conservatives do not appreciate the cult of personality worship and collectivism. In fact, they abhor it. However, they value the men that stand up and fight for them and the principles they believe in.

The Left Still Doesn’t Get It

As I write these lines, while the election is far from over, I cannot help but laugh at the anti-Trumpers, the communists, socialists, anarchists, left-wing fanatics, the media, the Establishment, the fake conservatives and many more who never understood him, the people or what they stand for. Some do not truly understand, while others try to discredit the President and his supporters because they hate the ideology that defends the individual.

Today these people are quite angry, because even though they moved heaven and hell to defeat Donald Trump, they could not. In the end, they may very well succeed in removing him from the White House. However, the ideas he defended will live on in around 70 million Americans and in hundreds of millions around the world.

That is why Trump will emerge victorious from these elections either way. He reinvigorated the Republican Party and created a global movement which rallied to the side of the abovementioned values of the West.

Trump Was Not an Accident

Trump has conclusively proven he was not an accident in politics. How could he be when millions more voted for him now compared to 2016? How can his opponents explain the fact that he received the highest share of non-white votes since the 1960 elections, at 26%?

Trump gained among the African American community, going from 8% to 12%, among Hispanics, from which he received 32% compared to 31% for McCain, 27% for Romney, 28% for Trump 2016, according to CNN and among Muslims, jumping from 15% in 2016 to 35% in 2020.

Trump created the broadest coalition in the history of the GOP. He broke identity politics and ushered in a new Republican Party. All these gains make one wonder how did he supposedly lose with all these gains compared to the previous elections.

Republican Legislative Power is Still Strong

Thanks to Trump being on the ballot – unlike in 2018 – the Republicans not only did not lose a single house seat, but also gained and will either have a majority or remain in opposition with a small difference with the Democrats. The Grand Old Party lost no state legislatures and won eight of eleven governor races, reconfirming that they have the majority of the States.

Moreover, and more importantly, the Republicans kept the Senate, meaning a possible Joe Biden Presidency will not be able to accomplish any of the absurd and crazy communist policies his Party has promised. Overall, it was a great night for the Republican Party and that is why the left is not actually at all happy.

This is because their goal is not simply destroying Trump the man, but obtaining absolute power. Further proof of the danger freedom of speech finds itself are the calls of several far left figures in the Democratic Party, such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, to compile a list and harass every person who does not support them and their extremist ideology. Imagine what would happen if such individuals gain power.

The Imaginary Blue Wave

Nevertheless, the election night was a total defeat for Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the media, identity politics, far left extremism, the polling industry and everybody who expected a blue wave. Some may even say that it is a defeat for Biden even if he manages to reach the White House, because he will be a puppet of the far-left, unable to govern and may even be forced to resign to leave the Presidency to the socialist sympathizer and pro-abortion extremist Kamala Harris.

However, it was a win for America, because even though the Democrats will weaken the greatest Republic on Earth, they will not be able to destroy its fundamentals. This is important for all of us who want the balance of power to remain in the West and China’s expansionary intentions to be stopped.

Wishing Biden All the Best

If Biden ends up winning honestly, conservatives will wish him all the best, as will all of us across the world. If Biden does a good job as President, manages to control the far-left and makes America stronger, then the world will be stronger and, while I am skeptical it will happen, we should all root for that.

No conservative will riot, burn and destroy as we have seen the left do during the past four years. That is a great difference in ideology and thought between the right and left.

On the other hand, we should acknowledge that the elections in the Democrat-run states were a mess. The first cause of this confusion were mail-in votes. It is important to note that mail-in votes are different from absentee ballots, which leave a trace in the system of the person who asks for the ballot, their address and identity. Meanwhile, mail-in votes leave no trace. Tens of millions of such ballots were sent to peoples’ homes and they would send back the ballots filled without a date, address or identity check. In previous elections, only five states allowed mail-in ballots with much lower numbers than currently.

The proof for this is Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and even Georgia, in which hundreds of thousands of mail-in votes appeared out of nowhere, and without a date and address, according to many reports. The validity of these claims, together with the veracity of the videos showing people dumping in the garbage bins or burning votes, of course, will be shown by the courts. The doubt remains and will cast a shadow of illegitimacy to whoever wins in the end. That is bad for America.

Loose Voting Requirements Leave Ample Space for Fraud

The other problem is the lack of ID requirements in many states. Many outside of the US do not know it, but 16 states and the District of Columbia do not require any form of identification to vote. All of these states are run by democrats and it is the left who has been campaigning hard to remove ID requirements in other states as well.

Another cause of the debacle we are witnessing is the fact that the democrats in Pennsylvania extended the voting until November 6, three days after the election, which is unconstitutional. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court that has a progressive majority whose philosophy is legislating from the bench, allowed this to happen. US Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch said: “Nothing in our founding document contemplates the kind of judicial intervention that took place here, nor is there precedent for it in the 230 years of this country’s decisions.

Voting Software Security Issues

Lastly, there were problems with the software used for counting. According to recent reports, ballots that were meant for Republicans were counted for Democrats, due to a glitch in the system. 47 counties in Michigan used the same software, leading to hundreds of thousands of ballots wrongly counted. Michigan’s Antrim County flipped to Donald Trump after a glitch was fixed, correctly putting 6,000 for President Trump. Republicans are calling for a recounting in all these counties. The election software system is called Dominion, according to Project Veritas, and it is used in 30 states, including Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania. There are documents showing that the Clinton Foundation paid for this software.

As a result, there have been reports of tens of thousands of dead people voting, democrat officials not allowing Republican observers near the counting rooms, and putting paper in the windows to block the viewing of such rooms. In Wayne County for example, more than 14,000 dead people appeared to have voted.  In Rochester Hills, 2,000 votes were incorrectly double counted for Democrats.

As per Trump’s Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, election workers wore Biden shirts and clapped as GOP watchers were removed. The Courts had to decide to allow Republican observers back in. The worry is that the damage may have already been done. Furthermore, a whistleblower confessed that their supervisor asked them to illegally put dates on ballots. In Nevada, GOP claims to have found 3,000 instances of voter fraud.

Crossing into Canada with Bags Full of Ballots?

In addition, a man was arrested trying to cross the border with Canada with bags full of ballots, while a woman was charged with 134 felony counts for election fraud. According to prosecutors, she submitted voter registration applications for 67 residents without their signature and consent and pretended to be their agent. On Friday evening, several bags of military ballots were found in garbage bins in Georgia.

Undoubtedly, similar reports will continue to emerge in the coming days. It is obvious the US is in need of certain electoral reforms, such as ID requirements by law and a unified system, closer to the Florida one, which completed the process in record time. Moreover, without a doubt the mail-in voting experiment proved to be a fiasco and should never again be tried, in not only the US, but also nowhere else.

Whoever is responsible for this mess, and especially if the Courts prove these claims to be true, is not doing it to damage Trump or the Republicans, but to harm beyond repair the image and strength of the United States in the international community. As many empires before, the United States can only fall if it is undermined from within. Many advocates of a new world order have publicly stated that the time of the United States and the West has passed. This helps the Democrats, and adversely affects Western civilization.

Therefore, President Trump, who has been insulted, abused and undermined by the Establishment, has a right to point out that there may be foul play. The interference with the election may prove of little consequence in the end. For sure, the courts will have their say. However, these elections confirmed the relevance of the Trump Doctrine and the resolve of the left to undermine the United States from within.

These ideologies will continue to clash going forward into the future.