Kim Praises Trump’s “Excellent” Letter

Kim Jong-Un has announced that he received an “excellent” personal letter from Donald Trump. The North Korean newspaper that published the news, Rodong, furnished the article with a picture of the North Korean president, preoccupied with reading the letter.
This is Kim’s first significant act of trust, who with the picture- re-published here- wants to emphasize its content.

After having read the letter, – reads the North Korean newspaper – Kim declared with satisfaction that its content is excellent.

“Appreciating the political judging faculty and President Trump’s extraordinary courage”, continues the newspaper’s summary, “Kim Jong-Un has affirmed that he would seriously contemplate the interesting content”.

It was not announced when Trump’s letter reached Pyongyang, but it has been noticed that the exchange of compliments, not at all formal, between the two presidents – who for some time have been engaged in a difficult negotiation about the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula – comes close to Xi Jinping’s historic visit to the country.

In giving news about the Chinese president’s trip, we mentioned that it would have reflected on the Washington – Pyongyang negotiations. And so it did.

It is obvious that Xi, who hopes to put an end to the trade disputes between China and the United States, has put all his political weight, which is not insignificant, into breaking the deadlock that arose after the Hanoi summit between Trump and Kim.

Xi and Trump will see each other soon at the G-20 in Osaka. At the summit, besides talking about the commercial disagreements that divide them, they will together try to find a way to reach an agreement in negotiations with North Korea.

Trump has finally found support in obtaining the foreign policy success that has eluded him for some time.

From this point of view, the picture of Kim reading a letter from the American president could be of historical importance and should be kept.

A few days ago, Trump announced that he had received a “beautiful” letter from Kim. Trump’s letter was evidently a response to the one he had received. Clearly and interestingly enough, the American president is sidestepping diplomatic channels, which he does and does not seem to trust.

Translation by Beth Robinson