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Joe Biden’s Policy Plan: a Roadmap to Perdition

It has to be really uncomfortable being Joe Biden these days! He is not even running his own campaign and apparently is not allowed to attend public events or answer any questions due to fears of showcasing his lapses in logic and inability to finish sentences. Furthermore, his campaign program has been crafted by the struggling Democratic primary electorate.

The Two Bidens

The presumptive Democratic nominee Biden bears little resemblance to the former Vice President Biden, and nowhere is this more evident than in the recently published 110-page document from the Unity Task Force appointed by Biden and his former opponent, the socialist senator Bernie Sanders.

While one could have described Biden, throughout his very long years in public service, with a wide range of adjectives going from ineloquent to borderline creepy, far-left radical would not have been one of them. However, in his third try for the Presidency, he is definitely running on a socialist platform, rejecting everything he has ever stood for and abandoning his own achievements and policy initiatives.

The Unity Task Force Policy Plan

The document produced by the joint task force is meant to service as a “good policy blueprint that will move this country in a much-needed progressive direction”, as Sanders put it. Biden himself has declared that he intends to be a more progressive President than even Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Perhaps he intends to follow in the footsteps of another terrible progressive president, Woodrow Wilson, who nationalized several private industries, was one of the most racist Presidents ever and established significantly controversial efforts at government control and influence of information.

$2 Trillion to Fight Climate Change

Joe Biden has announced a $2 trillion plan in order to solve climate change. According to the task force document, the goal is to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 for all new buildings. Biden’s original plan was to set a target of halving the carbon footprint of the US by 2035. In addition, Biden has vowed to outlaw the use of coal and natural gas. This is in all effects a promise to destroy thousands of jobs at a time when the economy is still suffering from the COVID-19 crisis. As per the Wall Street Journal, “a study by the National Ocean Industries Association finds that a ban on offshore drilling alone would cost 200,000 jobs, damaging regional economies.” For comparison’s sake, the industry, were Trump’s policies to remain in effect, would generate 2 million jobs in the next 15 years. Under Trump, America also achieved energy independence, which would certainly evaporate under Biden.

Cutting out Consumer Choice

Biden’s plan would be nothing less than an elimination of consumer choice. The government would mandate what to use for transport and at a much higher cost than now, while the Justice Department would be used to target any business that would disobey. So that Congress does not turn out to be a problem, he intends to eliminate the filibuster rule and approve his proposals with a simple majority. No one of those who predicted Trump would be a Dictator are saying anything now.

The task force also included in its plan a commitment to eliminating carbon pollution from power plants by 2035 as well as an expansion of solar and wind energy systems, including installing 500 million solar panels and 60,000 wind turbines. How they are going to pay for all this? The task force does not specify, however if Biden’s words are any indication, taxes will increase massively, on everyone. The former VP promised this during one of his few campaign events.

‘Buy American’ … From China?

Joe Biden recently discovered the nationalist within, campaigning on a Buy American slogan, to counter Donald Trump’s America First policy. Ironically, China controls most of the materials needed to build all of the solar panels, electric cars and other items in Biden’s list. So, contrary to what he has been saying, based on this policy platform, under him, dependence on China would increase, which would be dangerous considering the conflict of interest he has been accused of having with regards to China.

Secondly, the task force proposed expanding the unemployment insurance system to include more workers. Said otherwise, more welfare benefits and less incentives to work. Too bad no one has explained to the task force that to pay welfare, you have to transfer money from those who work to those that do not. If you put nearly everyone in unemployment programs and tax massively those few that remain in the job market, there will be no one left working and no way to fund these benefits, leading to economic ruin. Furthermore, the joint task force proposed an increase in the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, a move on which Sanders has long campaigned, as well as 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave, universal childcare for children of 3 and 4 year old and more food assistance programs. Social security would also change in a Biden Presidency, with increases in benefit payments. As recently as this week, Biden himself declared war on shareholders, capitalism and capital markets, calling them a massive farce.

Biden’s Education Proposals

Regarding education, the joint policy framework added policies long advocated by socialists such as capping and forgiving student loan debt, tuition free college for students whose families earn less that $125,000 annually, tuition-free community colleges for all students, including individuals included in the DACA programs. The task force has recommended to ban federal funding for private charter schools and private school vouchers, although both of them have proven to be very successful in the US. As CNN mentions, the program recommends up to $10,000 in immediate student debt relief for families.

Expanding Obamacare and Lowering the Medicare Eligibility Age

On the healthcare front, it would appear that not much has been changed from what Biden has said in the past. The plan is for an expansion of the Affordable Care Act to include a public option. It is true that Sanders’ idea on Medicare for All has not been including in the proposal. However, it is written that all Americans have a right to healthcare, raising doubts that it has not been included by name, so as not to scare off moderate voters who are not keen on full nationalization of healthcare, but the end result would be Medicare for All. Moreover, the Medicare eligibility age would be lowered from 65 to 60, adding millions to a program that is foreseen to be insolvent by 2026. While the task force condemned President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, it did not specify what they would have done differently, something that has not been clarified by Joe Biden neither.

Illegal Immigration Liberalization

Lastly, concerning immigration, it is made clear that a Biden administration would declare war on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Customs and Border Protection. The task force calls for a full-scale audit of both agencies. Furthermore, it has become clear from both Biden himself and the task force that there would be a legalization of the approximately 20 million illegal immigrants, less control and restrictions on illegal border crossing, in the hopes of gaining new faithful voters that would ensure Democrats governed for decades.

The task force said that family unit would be a “guiding principle”, referring to detention centers. However, some in the “fair and free media” should ask Joe Biden why the Obama administration pursued the policy of family separation in the border and used detention centers? If VP Biden was against them, why did he not speak out? If the media does not raise such issues, surely, Donald Trump would not shy away in the debates to come.

Changing Policing  in Unspecified Ways

On the police, the task force and Biden are promising to change the way policing is conducted in the US. It remains to be seen whether Biden supports abolishing the police that some of his Democratic colleagues and left-wing pundits and media personalities are proposing. If the model the Biden campaign is proposing is more of what leftist mayors such as De Blasio in New York or in other Democratic run cities, then America better prepare for Gotham City type of insanity and mayhem. He is also supportive of creating a commission to study possible reparations for slavery which would have consequences neither Biden nor other leftists realize that would make the racial matter worse. Not to mention that would embolden further radical groups that are terrorizing American cities.

The Final Democratic Party Platform Will be the Furthest Left in Decades

Whether some or all of these proposals are adopted in the finalized party platform, there is no doubt that it will be the most radical left-wing platform in decades. It is a deadly combination of unchecked spending that would drive the debt and the deficits to unsustainable levels, as well as massive tax hikes that would depress consumption and investments, hitting GDP growth. It would constitute the largest increase of government control ever, effectively changing the American way of life. Biden declared that he intends to transform America and this program proves he means. Or rather the people that run his campaign and who would govern in case he is elected. Few people know that the grey eminence and the true leader of the Biden campaign is David Axelrod, as the esteemed journalist Bill O’Reilly confirmed several times on his show. Axelrod is a close adviser and friend to Barack Obama. He, along with the self-proclaimed socialist senator, Bernie Sanders, far-left senator Elisabeth Warren and democratic socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez are expected to govern for the next four years in case Biden wins.

Using Biden as a Smokescreen for Socialism

All of them control the Democratic Party of America. However, they cannot show their face to the moderate voter since their radical ideas are shunned by the majority of Americans. Thus, they use Joe Biden as a puppet. It is unsurprising that the former Vice President does not hold press conferences, does not appear in town halls or answer questions that would be uncomfortable to him. He appears in pre-taped videos and goes to friendly left-wing journalists. The plan of his campaign is to hide him in his basement and hope that Trump self-destroys by what he says in haste and in the heat of the moment, by the coronavirus crisis and by the unrest caused by the Marxist Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Nobody knows what Biden thinks about the destruction of monuments. Nobody has any clues as to what Biden’s proposals to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic are. The American people are unaware regarding the Democratic nominee’s ideas on a great many things. And it is meant to be this way by the people that run his campaign in cahoots with the mainstream media. Otherwise, if he were to speak about his radical program with sentences that make no sense, not knowing in what state or city or year he is in, he would probably win only the far-left state of California.

President Biden: a Worst-Case Scenario

Under a Biden Presidency, based on the program released by his task force and the words he has said during the last few months, we can safely deduce that there would be a major economic crisis, rise in crime and an overall weaker United States of America. It is to be expected that this would be the end result if the US is governed by people who hold Venezuela and Cuba as their models. A program that is estimated to cost around $7 trillion over a decade, together with all the tax hikes that are estimated to go as high as 56% in some cases, and cost the taxpayers $1 trillion over 10 years, the American economy risks going beyond the point of no return. Only $4 trillion out of the $7 trillion will be paid by the tax hikes. However, the mistake that all socialists make is to think that the rich and the middle class will continue to have the same income as now and will remain in the country. With the tax increases hurting businesses and consumers, there will be more unemployed, less growth and less income to tax. So all the projections they make about tax hikes paying for the enormous spending are made on false assumptions.

Businesses Would Leave America En Masse

According to reporting from the Journal, “the nonpartisan Tax Foundation concludes the Biden tax plan would reduce the size of the economy by 1.51% over the long run and lead to 585,000 fewer full-time equivalent jobs while lowering after-tax income for all income quintiles”. And this comes just from the tax hikes. Companies would flee America faster than Biden is able to finish a sentence from November until he would be sworn in.  The tax hikes would be a burden on the middle-income families who would either live the country or become much poorer.

A Weak America Hurts Everyone

The question that would come to mind is why should we care? The answer is that a weak America is not something that harms just Americans. It harms all of us. First, because it is the largest economy on earth. A long economic crisis there would mean a crisis in an already weak and nearly zombified Europe. Secondly, if the US is in such a state, it would give free rein to China, Iran, Russia and even North Korea to continue their expansion and nuclear goals. The world would be a much more dangerous place. The US — and as a result the world — would be fundamentally changed and there is no doubt about that because the Biden campaign is saying they plan to do exactly that.

The only hope for a better and safer future is a Trump victory in November. This will ensure the golden age of low taxes and deregulation, meritocracy and individual rights and freedom as well as the example of patriotism and leadership with peace through strength continues.