Joe Biden e Kamala Harris in conferenza stampa a Wilmington

Biden’s Choice: Kamala Harris and the Vice Presidency

Joe Biden announced early on that his running-mate for the presidency ought to be a woman. He had subsequently also indicated that it would be a “person of color,” a representative of a visible minority as a gesture to the Black Lives Matter movement and racial injustice in the United States.

Choosing Wisely

Meanwhile, the progressive elements within the Democrats also called for a balance to accompany the moderate presidential candidate. However, Biden’s candidate could not scare off the political center either for the political calculus to come out right. After all, Biden’s primary strength is his appeal to independent voters and moderate Republicans.

A Fantastic Choice

With Elizabeth Warren, Biden would thus have made a significant mistake. With Val Demings, former police chief in Orlando, he could have ensnared voters in Florida, which is eminently crucial for the elections. With Susan Rice, he could have put a foreign policy expert at his side who worked as a national security advisor under President Barack Obama. However, Biden made a different choice, and he made a great choice.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden announced that Senator Kamala Harris would be his running-mate for the 2020 election. Harris could now become the country’s first-ever African-American Vice President.

Harris: ‘Honored’ to Join Biden’s Ticket

After the announcement, the senator wrote on Twitter that she was “honored” to join Joe Biden in the November election. Biden “can unite the American people because they’ve spent their whole life fighting for us.” Harris added that he would build a country that “lives up to our ideals.”

Meanwhile, President Obama said that Biden had hit the nail on the head with that decision. Biden had once again displayed his “judgment and character,” Obama added.

Profile of Harris

The California senator attempted to run for the presidential nominee herself the previous year and is one of the most famous and respected politicians in the country. For years she was the attorney general of California. Since then, she has represented the state in the Senate – as only the second African-American in history to be elected to the Senate.

Although her primaries were unsuccessful, Harris was able to display for the first time that she is not only a highly talented politician on a national stage, but also provides the it-factor that it takes to fill the highest office in the country.

Harris Appeals to Moderate Democrats

Moreover, Harris – just as Biden – appeals to moderate voters. She is not known for utopian socialism or any other ideas on the fringes of the party. Harris’s ratio is not based on an ideology but reason – just like Biden.

With that being said, Harris will not be impervious to all the attacks now coming her way. The economy will be the focal point of the election campaign, and Harris has had a profile that Republicans could utilize for themselves.

For example, Harris supports a minimum wage of US $ 15 an hour and wants to strengthen the unions, which play only a marginal role in the private sector. She also speaks out in favor of basic income during the pandemic. She is critical of the Trans-Pacific trade agreement and the North American free-trade pact NAFTA with a view to occupational safety. She supports a financial transaction tax, wide-ranging student loans, and easier access to health care.

However, these points will hardly be sufficient to fit Harris into the extreme-left category or to claim she is aiming to transform the United States into Venezuela, as President Trump has repeatedly stated of Democratic politicians. Instead, Harris’ years as a rather strict prosecutor provide her with some level of protection against the slander and libel about to transpire.

The Message Harris’ Nomination Sends

Biden needed to find a candidate who poses no risk — the late great presidential candidate and Senator John McCain knows a thing or two about it — and who, at best, can tip the scales in his favor.

Biden, who has already been a magnet for black voters, has now cemented their votes with Harris. Besides, Harris is very likely to improve his votes with female voters too.

Furthermore, let us not forget the elephant in the room. It is where Biden displays his true greatness – not only as a politician but as a human being. When Biden takes office, he would be 78 years old. Everyone involved is cognizant that his running-mate needed to be more suitable than usual as a president in reserve. Biden had already stated that he sees himself as a “bridge” to a new generation, which can be interpreted as an indication that he is only aiming for one term of office.

As a Vice President, Harris could stand out by his side and potentially succeed Biden. It was thus — perhaps more important than ever in modern history — that Biden selected someone capable, trustworthy, and in the worst-case scenario would fill the office with expected dignity and leadership.

Moreover, the choice of a female woman of color at this point is no coincidence. Whether Biden stays in office for one or two terms, the nomination of Harris, in a country where racism unfortunately still plays too significant a role, could become Biden’s greatest service to his country in a remarkable career: Having paved the way for the first female president of the United States, a woman of color.

Judgment and character, indeed.