Barack Obama ‘Endorsed’ Bernie Sanders and Disavowed His Own Presidency

The Democratic Party is stuck with Joe Biden. They are forced to support a candidate who lacks charisma, energy, ideas and frankly scruples, as proven by the Burisma debacle.

Where Does Obama Stand on Joe?

It is no secret that Barack Obama did not want Biden to run for President. According to the New York Times, the former President told his VP “You don’t have to do this Joe, you really don’t.” Even Biden himself wrote that in 2016 it was his former boss who discouraged him from running. The NYT a few months ago had a report saying Obama was secretly encouraging donors to choose Elizabeth Warren, the far-left Massachusetts Senator ⁠— instead of Biden. Last year, as the Washington Times reports,Obama told a gathering in Singapore that it would be a significant improvement if women were to lead and that “old men should get out of the way.”

Is Joe Biden Mentally OK?

Biden’s frequent gaffes led President Obama to tell Biden’s staff to “make sure he did not embarrass himself”, according to a report by CNN and later by the Washington Times. Many Democratic officials and associates have also voiced their concerns on the former Vice President’s ability to lead. Several public figures have even called Biden’s mental health in question.

DNC Decision: Anybody But Bernie

Nevertheless, the Democratic establishment did not want Bernie Sanders. They fought him in 2016 and they rallied against him during this campaign. Nobody believed he would win against Donald Trump. Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist, who defends Fidel Castro, does not condemn the communist dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro and wants to transform America into a socialist country.

For decades, Sanders has been a staunch attacker of millionaires, even after becoming one and owning three houses. He went on to turn his attacks towards billionaires, while aiming to remake the United States in Cuba’s image. In this context, everyone knew that his odds of defeating the incumbent President were the same as Obama endorsing Trump. Therefore, the establishment had to choose a more reliable ⁠— albeit still bad ⁠— nominee.

Sanders Drags Dems Through the Mud

Bernie Sanders, as many Marxists before him, managed to rally ⁠— through deception ⁠— a considerable amount of people to his cause. In Europe, few know that within the Democratic Party there is an ongoing war heating back up. There are the moderates in the vein of Bill Clinton, and the far-left figures inspired by Senator Sanders represented by Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Senator Elizabeth Warren and many others. Their aim is to take over the Democratic Party and transform it into a grouping that supports massive nationalization, increasing substantially taxes, forgiving all student loans, making university tuition free, medicare for all and climate change related frenetic spending.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Bernie Sanders’ policies would cost $40 trillion over a decade and would include all the policies backed by the progressives, listed above. The WSJ reports that his proposed tax increases would top $30 trillion over a decade, more than 10% of the American GDP. It would constitute not only a massive expansion of federal government, but also a definite destruction of the American economy. Even the Progressive Policy Institute, a left-wing organization, estimates that spending in a Sanders Administration would exceed revenue by $25 trillion.

Sanders’ catastrophic program is important to be discussed, understood and diffused by everybody and to everyone, because even though he has dropped out the race, he and his colleagues hold a considerable influence over the party and Sanders will still seek to shape the platform at the upcoming convention. Biden may have already essentially won the nomination, but Sanders is slowly winning the control of the Democratic Party. Obama’s endorsement of Biden as a nominee but Sanders in terms of ideas is the proof of this.

Obama and Biden Give in to the Aggressive Socialists

The former President knows that his party’s far-left group is aggressive and has a take no prisoner policy. He and Biden also know they are unable to defeat the rising socialist voices in their Party. Even after Sanders’ endorsement of Biden, there were members of the Sanders campaign who did not follow the example of their boss.

Thus, Obama found himself disavowing his own Presidency, in order to please Senator Sanders’ base. His decision not to endorse his friend Biden earlier was noticed by many. Nevertheless, it was a smart move aimed at giving the appearance of impartiality. However, it came late also due to Obama’s lack of enthusiasm about Biden.

What Does Obama’s Endorsement Tell Us?

There were several things of note during Obama’s endorsement video. First, he emphasized Biden’s role in the economic recovery that came after 2008. Considering it was one of the weakest recoveries in American history, I am not sure Biden was that pleased by the emphasis. Secondly, Obama criticized his own signature bill, the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, considering it to be insufficient and inadequate for this day and age. Thirdly, he claimed that Biden was the most progressive nominee in the Party’s history and “repented for not having been a more left-wing President himself,” as Karl Rove noted in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. This mea culpa was directed at Sanders’ base who can now declare victory in the ideological battle over the fate of their party. Obama also said Senator Sanders was an “American original”, championing ideas critical in moving America in a direction of progress and hope. It will be the first time in history that the winner of a race is forced to campaign with the loser’s ideas.

There Have Always Been Two Paths for the Democrats

Before Biden, there have always been two paths for the Democrats. With all his wishful thinking, Biden can only choose one and abandon the other. The catch is that choosing either prevents him from unifying the Party and that puts the VP in a dangerous predicament. The first path would represent a continuation of the Obama Presidency. The former VP made several attempts during the campaign to defend various aspects of his administration and to associate his name as much as possible with Obama, knowing the popularity of Obama with party ranks. However, voters rejected this when Hillary Clinton ran for president using this same path. The former Secretary of State’s bid for presidency was seen as a third Obama term. She lost in part because she was perceived as corrupt and unlikable, and in part, because she assured everyone she would follow Obama’s footsteps. Why should Biden think that this time will be any different?

The second path means adopting more left-wing policies. While this may be a step in the right direction to appease twitter mobs and the far-left sect of the Democratic Party, it will alienate many more. Perhaps, in their haste to unify the party by bringing progressives into the fold, Biden and Obama have taken for granted moderates and independents who may prefer the unconventional but well-meaning style of Trump to the siren song of socialism.

Biden’s Choice

It is becoming clear that Joe Biden is choosing the second path and Obama is approving it, even if it means attacking his own record. Biden’s new program already incorporates student debt cancellations of up to $10,000 for each debtor, cancellation of all federal undergraduate tuition debt for borrows earning up to $125,000, who went to public schools, more climate change spending, expanding Obamacare with a public option and will for sure include many more far-left policies that would lead to economic ruin. Foreign Policy expects Biden to adopt policies such as conditional aid to Israel and defense-spending cuts. Even before Sanders’ endorsement of him, Biden favored raising taxes and reversing President Trump’s deregulations and tax cuts.

The pressure from the left will undoubtedly continue, making Biden the most left-wing nominee since Michael Dukakis. This will be coupled with Biden’s lack of enthusiasm, energy and leadership, as he has proven during the campaign. No matter what he does now, whichever way he decides to run his campaign will be a lose-lose scenario.

This will become more evident as he goes up against Trump’s energy, charisma, raucous campaign rallies, popular economic policies, and actual record.