Amy Klobuchar Suspends Campaign And Endorses Joe Biden

After Tom Steyer and Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar is the third candidate who has also recently suspended her presidential campaign for the Democratic nomination following a disastrous performance in South Carolina.

Klobuchar: ‘I Cannot Think of a Better Way to End My Campaign than to Join His’

Immediately following her announcement Klobuchar endorsed Joe Biden in the quickly-shifting Democratic race. On Monday evening, Klobuchar appeared with Biden and Pete Buttigieg — who also endorsed Biden on Monday — at Biden’s rally in Dallas. “I cannot think of a better way to end my campaign than to join his,” the Minnesota Senator announced to an enthused Texan audience. Buttigieg said: “We need a policy that is about decency. That is what Joe Biden has been doing all his life.”

Klobuchar and Buttigieg called on all of their supporters to stand up for Biden’s candidacy, stating they were “looking for a leader, looking for a president who will get the best out of all of us. We found that leader in the Vice President and the next President of the United States, Joe Biden.”

Klobuchar’s Performance During Her Primary Run

Klobuchar’s primary run in terms of winning equity has been modest so far, with her best result being a surprising third place in the New Hampshire primary in mid-February. Since then, however, she has never done well.

Klobuchar is considered a representative of the Democratic political center, which is a draw in the competitive mid-west, among others. However, she could not prevail against the other moderate candidates such as Joe Biden and his high name recognition. Besides the lack of a public profile, Klobuchar was also struggling to raise sufficient money. Ever since she did not deliver results, the money stopped coming in and thus making a prolonged bid inconceivable — a problem that will catch up with Elizabeth Warren next.

Klobuchar, who entered the race as an absolute long-shot, sold herself remarkably well during her run. While her record as a Senator and as a campaigner in her home state of Minnesota is solid, she exceeded all expectations during her presidential bid. Very few people had thought of her as someone who could outlast Cory Booker or Kamala Harris. Klobuchar did. She made her mark in the race, particularly during the debates, where she proved herself. She appeared ready, she was well organized, and she proved that she is a diligent, hard worker.

Impeccable Timing

Similar to Buttigieg, Klobuchar’s timing is impeccable. As someone who has repeatedly prided herself for never losing an election, Klobuchar was, in fact, facing potential defeat from Bernie Sanders in her home state, which would have been a severe dent to her future aspirations. The idea now is to shift her voters over to Biden and to stop Sanders from obtaining the states’ delegates.

Meanwhile, for Joe Biden, the great news keep on coming in. Ever since his victory in South Carolina, Biden has taken significant steps toward winning the Democratic nomination. Moreover, with momentum, the donations are coming back in again as well. On the weekend alone, Biden was able to raise 10 million dollars. And more is coming his way with the Buttigieg-Klobuchar endorsements, which will be essential in defeating Sanders, who has raised substantially more than Biden. Besides the money, however, Klobuchar and Buttigieg will both provide Biden with a significant boost in votes.

There is thus no doubt that Klobuchar — despite her exit now — not only enhanced her reputation and earned respect, but has become a likely choice for a role within a potential Biden cabinet thanks to her endorsement.

Super Tuesday will tell how significant her decision is for Biden. However, indications are that this unification of the moderate side of the party will once again shake things up and provide Joe Biden with the additional support he needs to catch up with Sanders and overtake him.