United Kingdom

England has been at the center of global media attention for a long time. The country that comprises the United Kingdom was in fact against the events that have brought anew London and its provinces central global importance. Brexit, voted for by the regional parts of England, was the beginning of one of the most important changes in recent European history. In 2014, when the Ukip party of Nigel Farage stoked the fire of bringing forward a referendum campaign, we have met with those in these parts of the country that have called in full voice for an exit from the European Union.

However, Brexit is not just a singular phenomenon to have destabilised England’s centrality. Islamic terrorism and the difficulties in immigrant integration have caused numerous incidences of violence which have escalated into terrorist acts, such as the attacks that have bloodied London and Manchester. We have known of the reality of the numerous foreign fighters that have left for Pakistan in order to train for the holy war.

There is not just violence through jihadism. In English cities there actual ghettos in which the implementation of governmental law and control is non-existent. These lawless areas has seen the formation of islamic gangs that have raped thousands of girls and women across England. Violence against women is the issue of the moment. We have reported from the point of view of women, who have reacted to this threat of violence through training themselves in violent and extreme martial arts.