Somalia is a country which extends along the Horn of Africa which extends along the Indian Ocean. The development of the nation today began at the end of the 19th century, when the English and Italians conquered large parts of what is today Somali territory. In 1936, Italian Somalia became a member of the IEA (Italian East Africa), together with Ethiopia and Eritrea. Until 1960, Italian Somalia remained under the administration of Rome, when the country was incorporated into English Somalia and was formed into an independent country. From 1969 until 1991 Somalia was governed under the Socialist government of Siad Barre. The end of this government resulted in the country plunging into chaos.

Even following an international intervention in 1993, the conditions have not improved in Somalia for years, and the country has come to be seen as a “failed” state, without a proper government. Today the situation seems to have improved, but the country still has countless issues of poverty and security. The capital is Mogadishu.