Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an arab country which occupies and large part of the Arabian peninsula. Founded in 1932 by Abd al Aziz Saud, it is actually the past arab country to take its name from a dynasty of power. Since this foundation the Saud family have dominated the political landscape, with the children of the founding sovereign having so far been the only Kings the country has seen. The management of national and local government is overseen by the Saud family. Saudi Arabia has come to be known as a Wahhabi country, having as the foundation of their belief system a rigid interpretation of the Koran imposed by Wahhabism.

Saudi Arabia has always represented an ally for the US in the region. Thanks to its geographical position and the reserves of petroleum it holds, it is positioned as the number one exporter of crude oil amongst OPEC countries, with Saudi Arabia being a strategic figure for the whole of the Middle East. The capital is Riad, but at its centre is also the holy city of Mecca.