Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Poland has lived with the continued of the possible invasion of Russian forces. For this reason, as soon as they obtained independence, the country immediately shifted its axis towards the West, becoming one of the firmest allies of the United States and NATO. Warsaw has a single objective: to make sure that Moscow doesn’t have the ability to attack them. The country continues to live with this constant fear which, in many ways, has become a near obsession. It is not by chance that, in the past few years the Polish government has put forward a consolidated media campaign for the militarization of the entire population. We have reported on the situation direct from the Lublin school in Warsaw, where the Academic League provides real military training during school courses. All across Poland, there still exists paramilitary groups perfectly integrated into civil society which represent an important pillar of Poland’s political strategy. A policy of alliance with european European countries, the so-called Visegràd Group, the Baltic countries and the United States. All look with suspicion on any group who tries to get closer to Russia and damage Poland’s national interests, starting the the European Union.