Pakistan is an Asian country situated bewteen the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent. The country has a peculiar history: founded as a nation for the Islamic population within the English colony of India. The county’s founder is Muhammad Ali Jinnah: his vision was to gain independence from the areas east and west of India, which were predominantly Muslim. Until 1971 the country of Pakistan also included the area today known as Bangladesh. The major ethnicity of the country is Punjabi, followed by Sindhi. There are also ethnic Iranians in the country, in addition to Pashtun and Balochi people.

Pakistan has been faced with a wave of terorist attacks, with some regions along the border with Afghanistan being in the hands of Isamist and Jihadist groups. It was in Pakistan that Osama Bin Laden was captured in 2011. Pakistan is the only country in the Muslim world to have nuclear capabilities. While often alligned with the US, the country is however also very close to China, which has made numerous economic investments in the country. Since 1967 the capital is Islamabad, which Karachi is the lagest city.