Rich in resources, full of petroleum, amongst the richest countries in Africa, Nigeria is symbolic of numerous dramas that live on in Africa. The violence has become a constant. Boko Haram, one of the most ferocious Islamic terrorism syndicates in the world, which as of yet as proven impossible to eradicate. The jihadists attack government forces and villages, committing crimes and acts of violence every day, and have created a true and unified African Caliphate where islamic law and desperation rule supreme. Violence against african christians are ordered daily. The conflict could be seen in the faces of the people we met from countries devastated by the horrors of terrorism.

In Maiduguri, we have seen and written about the scars of war left by Boko Haram and the federal army. More than a million people live in makeshift camps, victims of abuse, malnutrition, and having been forced to flee. We have met women who were victims of abuse, students raped by terrorists. We have seen their tears. We have reported on the tragedies in the north-east of Nigeria, in the states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, where the camps were abandoned, the people had fled and humanitarian workers were simply gone. These tragedies in turn resulted in the flux of migrants attempting to get to Europe. The terrible tragedies and the consequences that have followed can be traced to this source.