A war which is still not finished, in a Republic which is recognised and Armenia and Azerbaijan still as being on the brink of war. In Nagorno-Karabakh the tension seems to be constant. The population has never experienced peace nor what it means to live without the fear that at any moment there might be another breakout of ferocious conflict. The international community has for some time been searching for a solution that would be agreeable to the local populations of Armenia and Azerbaijan. However to date no one has been willing to compromise.

The passive coexistence that ended at the end of the 1980s having defined the region, is no longer in place. There towns and cities which have been abandoned, boundaries not written but still visible. The population has suffered as a result of its past, with 30 thousand having died as a result, with the future still being uncertain. We have reported on this war from the ground and have interviewed the civil actors and politicians that have seen all that has happened during the history of this conflict. The rest of the world is asking for peace: but perhaps nobody really cares.