Jordan is an Arab country in the Middle East located between the Dead Sea, Iraq and between the boarders of Israel and Syria. The country was founded as the kingdom of the Hasemite family, with the first King being Abdullah. The latter came into power of the government in 1921 under British mandate. In 1946 the country gained independence, and in 1948 entered the war with Arab countries against the newly formed State of Israel. Following this conflict, King Abdullah acepted the division of the territories as wanted by the UN, with the West Bank being identified as the Arab part of Palestine to be entrusted to the sovreign of the land. From this year onwards the country assumed the denomination of the West Bank.

King Abdullah was killed in Jerusalem in 1952, following which he was suceeded by his son King Hussein. The new soverign, in 1989, formed an accord for the recognition of the State of Israel. The current King, Abdullah II, succeeded his father in 1999. The capital is Amman