Occhi della Guerra is not just about the world at large. In recent years, it has also covered events here in Italy. From recent tragedies, but also the realities that accompany them. We have been occupied by those that remain in our country in order to fight against bureaucracy that prevents us from living, from working, and from building a better world. We have reported on people’s frustration with illegal workers in Puglia. We have written on how we are in a world of hidden crimes, of frustration and of desperation, which merits being reported on. We have described the lives of the inmates at the Maximum Security prison in Secondigliano. The prisoners speak of how their lives have been affected by their terrible choices, and how day by day they are paying with their freedom.

We have also described an Italy with many beautifully uplifting tales . We were together with those who have stood beside loved ones with Alzheimer people who they have know all their life but now no longer recognise them, but who they will never give up making smile. We have also reported on the city of death, Civita di Bagnoregio, that has slowly been crumbling at its foundations but remains, still today, one of the the most beautiful places in Italy.