A giant with a thousand contradictions. This may be the best way in which to describe India, an enormous country, a sub-continent, with more than a billion inhabitants divided between technological progress without precedent and a millenia-old culture formed on a basis of spirituality but also of taboo, misery and violence. India in the past few years has been showing the world that it has the desire to be a global power, recognised by international powers recognised by global partners in order to compete with China in Asia. However it must also deal with one of the world’s most complex, large and vast populations.

In the past few years, we have covered the big questions in India that need to be confronted by New Delhi and which its citizens have been forced to suffer every day. Poverty is widespread. The hatred between different religions and ethnicities often leads to tragic violence. Women are still today discriminated against and are subjected to abuse. Rape is one of the most terrifying sores within Indian society, but also child brides is a phenomenon which forces many girls to live a life of sacrifice and violence. We have met these women, and also those who care and defend them, trying to given them a new life. This is the nature of India: a giant which is confronting modernity, with the desire the change and close this difficult chapter in its history.