A powerhouse for European excellence, today France is a country which exhibits both strength and fragility. Emmanuel Macron is currently in charge of a moderate and pro-European government. However, the France which he is governing is far different from the one which he envisions. France has found itself to be fragile, extremely violent and Eurosceptic. Movements in opposition of the European Union are growing in force, like Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National as well as the Yellow vests. There is a strong sense within the country there is a strong sense of social and economic uncertainty.

Security remains one of the most pressing issues in France. The phenomenon of illegal immigration has reached urgent levels, so much so that the clashes with Italy regarding the border has become a contentious issue. Paris lives with the discomfort of slums erected to host migrants, for which the local population has protested against. In the meantime, in Calais, many illegal immigrants are searching for ways to enter the United Kingdom. In the past few years, we have reported on this difficult situation from the point of view of both the migrants and residents.

All of this is occuring while the country tries to address the threat posed by Islamic terrorism. In the past few years the country has suffered a horrific number of attacks. The armed French forces have been engaged in Africa and the Middle East in order to fight in the international war on terror.