Dominican Republic

A small country, far from the worries of everyday life, almost forgotten between North and South America. However, the Dominican Republic has something that makes it extremely valuable: gold. The country in fact possesses the largest gold mine in the world,Pueblo Viejo. We have written on the suffering of the local population, that have fought against pollution, unbreathable air, political corruption and the devastation of local agriculture. All of this done in sacrifice for a new god, that of gold, who asks for the life of the land in exchange for his “generosity”.

They are the first victims of the exploitation of these resources. The death-rate is in the hundreds, with related illnesses likely in the thousands. It is an example of one of the principle problems in this country, where social injustice and inequalities manifest themselves perfectly. So, the Dominican Republic, known for its sunny beaches and crystal clear water, is a story of another world, made to cover disaster that everyone wants to keep quiet.