Central African Republic

The Cental African Republic is an African nation found, as stated by its name, in the heart of the continent. Founded as a French colony, it gained independence in 1960, after which it assumed its current name. From 1962 until 1993, the country was under the control of a paramilitary government, after which it was succeeded by a civilar government led by Patassè. In 2003, coup d’eta returned power to the military, lead by Bozizè. This last military regieme lasted until 2013 when it fell following a revolt by Seleka rebels.

Since then the country has remained in fear of continued sectarian clashes, specifically between Christians and Muslims. In 2015 the capital Bangui hosted a historic visit by Pope Francis, in which the Potefice opened the Holy Door to welcome the Jubilee year of 2016. The economy of the country is considered one of the poorest in the world.