Bosnia Herzegovina

Bosnia is a country with thousands of contradictions, huge problems, deep cultural roots, but is also maligned by ethnic and identity claims which threaten to turn the country back into a hell once again. The war in the former Yugoslavia resulted in a profound loss of life for the Bosnia population. The various components that constitute the social kaleidoscope of the country were what caused this bloody and horrible war.

Today, those scars no longer remain. Hate often gives way to frustration, which in many cases leads to compassions, but in others continues to boils. Sarajevo is continuing with great difficulty to enter the European Union. But on the other flank they are being faced by a grave threat which has affected all of Europe. Ethnics conflicts are an ever present issue, but there is another phenomenon which requires attention: fundamentalist Islam. Bosnia has transformed into a recruitment center for Isis in the heart of the Balkans and at Italy’s doorstep. We discovered that hundreds of Islamic extremists were arriving into the city. It was here that we observed the first Europeans waving the black flag. This threat has lead to another grave problem; that of the migrant path. The country was and continues to be the path through which hundreds of thousands of people travel from the countries of the Middle East in order to access the path to the Balkans. These factors combined put at risk Bosnia’s fragile stability.