The ancient Austrian empire is today a small nation but still remains extremely fascinating. Austria has represented a true political laboratory for understanding the direction Europe may have taken in the past few years. We have witnessed the rise of the sovereignist movement of Sebastian Kurz and before that of Jörg Haider. The election of a president from the Greens also demonstrates a boom in ecology in central Europe and particularly in Germany.

In Austria we have met with the country’s true right wing extremists, dwelling within groups which are symbolic of this rebirth of strong nationalistic sentiment and characterised by a strong belief of ethnic superiority. We have met with members of the group IBO, the Identitarian Movement of Austria, which supports ethnic separation within Austria. However we have witnessed also a world which has gone unreported despite being extremely interesting, in that of Catholic and German brotherhoods, Often classified as being ultra-nationalist, the Burschenchaften are a group strongly linked to the idea of Germanic origin, with a cultural fabric strongly reminiscent of National Socialism.