America extends from the North Pole to the Land of Fire and is the second largest continent after Asia. Inhabited for centuries by indigenous populations, America has seen in its history changes through the arrival of Europeans in 1492, which paved the way for wide-spread colonizations that saw in the north; Great Britain, France, and Spain, while in the south; mainly Portugal and Spain also. These colonial divisions paved the way for the continent’s current cultural and political structures. In the north, the United States and Canada are the heirs of the Anglo-Saxon tradition; the rest of the continent, on the other hand, is commonly called Latin America and, apart from the notable exception of Portuguese speaking Brazil, is predominantly Spanish speaking.

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Hell in Mexico

On the one hand Mexico is a paradise for tourists from all over the world, on the other it is the kingdom of narcos. These are the two faces of this country, where power is guaranteed by killing and the war between drug gangs is recording a remarkable…