Afghanistan cannot be forgotten. The military has for years been involved in the frontline of the war on terror, for which Italy has paid for with the lives of its soldiers. We have on numerous occasions been on the ground to report on a country of fundamental importance, whose history has been described as the cemetery of empires. Because all of the world’s superpowers want to control Afghanistan: those who try, seem destined to lose and begin their long and inevitable decline.


The war against the Taliban has become, today, the battle with Islamic State. The country has been continually been drenched in the blood of Afhgan security forces and civilians, who die every day at the hands of terrorists and guerrilla militants. As a result of this war, the West risks suffering a dramatic loss. Many countries including the United States have begun to negotiate with the Taliban, having spent years in battle against them. We were together with the Italian soldiers as well as on the streets of Kabul. We have told the stories of the Afghans who are resisting and trying not to lose hope: they are a civil society that has not abandoned itself to despair and wants to live in peace again. This is the hope of the Afghan government, told to us directly by Ashraf Ghani. However for now, the war does not seem to be near an end.

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Violence, fire shootings and explosions have been a constant in the months leading up to the elections in Afghanistan. It’s…