Partner wanted

Are you wondering why we’re looking for partners?

The answer is very simple: to do what we already do, but by putting it at the service of realities that want to promote themselves, create new initiatives, create production synergies and implement new projects.

If you already know us, you know that from 2014 we have been telling the stories of the world in two ways: with our analysts and with our reporters. Every day we publish insights and analyses on political figures, countries and complex situations. Fast forward to today, and we are also producing the same project in English through the voices of over 100 employees from all over the world, from the Middle East to Africa, from India to America. In addition to daily analysis, we make reports in every area of the world with professional reporters: we not only cover areas of crisis, but also interesting and often forgotten social situations.

But not only. . .

InsideOver, however, is not just analysis and reporting. It is above all an open editorial staff that meets its readers, visits schools and universities, organizes events and conferences and contests and workshops. Here you can have a taste of our “open newsroom”:

So if you are a company, a foundation or an association and you wish to create something with us, come and meet us. Write to

And. . . why not?

It is said that union is strength. Never before has this maxim been more true, especially with regards to information. That’s why we’re also looking for publishing partners with whom to create alliances and share ideas, initiatives and projects. If you are a publisher, and you like the way we work and would like to collaborate, write to