Blue Gold #7

The Routes of Gas


Natural gas is crucial in terms of global energy. It is important not only for geopolitical reasons but it’s also about to play a huge role as a key enabler in the energy transition. How will the geopolitics of natural gas be affected as a result of increasing rivalry for control over it?

American Energy Politics in the Era of Biden

At the recent climate change conference in Glasgow, Americans were everywhere. Diplomats made bold promises to phase out fossil fuel subsidies while ramping up the countries cuts in the pollution that causes global warming.  CEOs filled the Glasgow stages with new announcements, especially on how they would help redirect trillions of private investment dollars to…


What is the status of the Euro-Mediterranean gas strategy and the U.S. plans to contain Russia?

«The ecological transition could be a bloodbath», Roberto Cingolani, Minister of the Ecological Transition, La Stampa, July 1st 2021 In 2020, the Covid-19 outbreak had a dramatic impact on global energy markets. In particular, oil and coal consumption fell by 9.3% (y-o-y) and by 4.2% (y-o-y) respectively. According to the BP Statistical Review of World…