Multinationals and Globalisation #12

The Ever-Growing Power of MNC’s


Multinational corporations are considered to be leading players in the contemporary global economy. They are key actors and their influences on society, governments and markets are considered highly divisive. In this issue we study these companies’ burgeoning power and ask what’s next for the world’s MNCs?

The real threat of Big Tech

In Washington, DC, the policy arguments about Big Tech are not nearly big enough. Politically electric issues like censorship and monopoly tend to dominate the policy conversation. But the Information Age has fundamentally altered how human beings relate, how children develop, how markets function, and how our shared social and political life unfolds. Like the…


Platforms and Pandemics

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a boon for the global tech giants. While millions of people have died, many more have lost their jobs, and innumerable others have struggled under the isolation of global lockdowns, the biggest Western platforms have seen their revenue soar. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are on their way to…